25 New Rules Every Girlfriend Should Follow In 2015

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1. Initiate the kisses more. Kiss them how they like to be kissed more often. And kiss them in sensitive places like noses and ears that make them smile and laugh.

2. Be the first one to say, “I love you.” The first time you say that to someone, you might feel physically sick to your stomach. But if you’re sure that’s how you feel, why hold back?

3. And if you’re already saying “I love you,” and they’re saying it back, don’t take it for granted. And every time you say it, mean it.

4. Remember to compliment how they look or notice if they change anything about themselves. It’s easy to leave the little things unnoticed or to think they’re unimportant.

5. It’s easy to get into the habit of nitpicking everything you don’t like. Let more things go if you know in the grand scheme of things, they don’t matter.

6. But don’t get into the habit of sweeping everything under the rug. If something is truly a problem, bring it up in the best way possible.

7. “Fight fair” in any disagreement that may come up. It’s always annoying when one matter is being discussed and several other things unnecessarily infiltrate the conversation.

8. Treat the person you’re with from time to time. Knowing that relationships should be 50-50 give and take as much as possible. That’s not a monetary thing, it’s a generosity thing.

9. Refrain from assuming as much as possible, especially when it’s about what they “should” know. Your significant other is not a mind-reader.

10. It is always best to directly ask for what you need and want, and about anything. That they are not anticipating what you might need maybe a function of your lack of communication.

11. If you want to talk to them on the phone more (as opposed to texting), take the initiative of calling more. Of course if they hate talking on the phone, some sort of compromise has to be reached.

12. Don’t let a few unanswered texts be the reason you blow your top. And if they really irritate you THAT much, again it’s best to communicate this in a level-headed manner.

13. Always remember that the beautiful moment you are experiencing, is more important than getting the right Instagram filter or seeing how many people liked your latest Facebook status. Put your phone away more.

14. If they matter to you, then their friends should matter to you and make every effort to be on good terms with them. In the long-run, if their friends don’t respect or like you, it’s not good for the relationship.

15. It’s easy to get comfortable (as you should) when the periods of uncertainty have passed and you’re official with someone. But never believe that you shouldn’t still be putting as much effort into who you are, and the kind of person you are when you’re with them.

16. Refrain from telling your friends everything about the relationship you’re in. And above all, don’t feel the need to call them up only when things are bad.

17. Criticizing anything about your significant other on social media is a big no-no. To a lesser extent, so is sharing every single nice thing they do for you with “thousands of your closest friends.” Some things are special because they are between the two of you.

18. There is never any need to make someone you’re with jealous. Either by being overly flirty or exaggerating a story of an interaction with another person to “get a reaction.”

19. It’s almost inevitable that at one point or another you might hurt them with the wrong choice of words or actions. Always be quick to apologize.

20. And when they apologize to you, don’t try to hurt them back to get even. Forgive and forget. And don’t let their past mistakes (and your own) hurt the present relationship.

21. Remember that the person you’re with is not completely responsible for your happiness. And if you are solely dependent on them for your happiness, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

22. Know the difference between being a “yes” person without an opinion of their own, and being the person who feels the need to challenge them about everything.

23. Don’t try to trick the person into changing or believe that once you’re at a certain point, they will give up or take on or things just for you. You can inspire someone but you must first make sure you’re taking them as they are.

24. Always be grateful for the simple things they help you with. And to thank them. And every once in a while, thank them simply for being them.

25. Always remember that the person you’re with is human. They are imperfect. And so are you. And as long as you both want the best for each other, while trying to be the best together, bend as many rules as you’d like. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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