24 Unexpected Reasons 24 Is The Best Age Ever


1. It’s not 23. Which let’s face it, Blink-182 was not lying: Nobody likes you when you’re 23.

2. You’re officially in your mid-20s which means you’re still at liberty to make certain mistakes, and you’re still likely to be forgiven for them.

3. Nobody expects you to have your life completely together yet. You can still be figuring out exactly what you want from about love, career, family, politics, and life without people telling you it’s time “grow up.”

4. All your friends are not married yet and all your friends are not in long-term relationships yet. So you haven’t really started to feel the “settle down” pressure which might occur in the next few years.

5. But if you are married or are planning to, there’s not going to be too much judgment that you “don’t know who you are yet.”

6. You probably do know what you want from someone when it comes to love. Even if you are perpetually single, you’ve experienced and observed enough to know a thing or two.

7. But more importantly, you probably know what you don’t want from a relationship. And you’re less likely to be okay with just having anyone to feel like you have someone.

8. You’ve got enough experience to feel at least somewhat confident in your ability to handle what life throws at you.

9. But you more than likely don’t have enough experience to know how to handle everything completely. And you still ask for help from time to time.

10. You’ve got a good idea where your relationships stand with your friends from all walks of life whether it’s college, high school, your workplace, etc.

11. You (hopefully) understand that as much as you don’t like paying bills and paying them on time, there are actual ramifications that you have to deal with if you don’t.

12. You are way more financially conscious if you hadn’t been before. Calculating how much you need to pay off for something or save up by a certain time, becomes important to you.

13. You are simply less likely to tolerate peer pressure or insults from other people. For some reason, making that turn to your mid-20s gives you that mental boost.

14. People are more likely to take you seriously, especially at work. Sure, you might not be a career veteran in anything but being in your mid-20s means you’re looked at as a professional. (Even if you won’t always feel like one.)

15. You understand your parents a little bit better now and you are probably more likely to let go of any grievances you had with them over anything. Indeed, you probably like your parents better than most people.

16. Not that you aren’t ever able to change your life, but at 24 a drastic change in any facet of your life won’t raise red flags or lead people to think you need an intervention.

17. While you’re still not sure how to completely achieve all your goals, you have a better handle of the right people you need to speak with. And how to navigate certain things through networking. (You’ve hopefully also learned networking is a two-way street.)

18. You’ve hopefully learned by now that you don’t need be friends or please everyone. But you also don’t need to be disrespectful just because you don’t like someone.

19. Your metabolism is still in check – it hasn’t completely fallen apart on you yet. So yes, eat that second and third cookie. (But maybe skip out on the fourth and fifth, yeah?) And not only is your metabolism in check, there’s still a partier in you that can handle more than a few.

20. But you’re also done with your “binge/too much of everything” phase. Whether it’s food, liquor, or TV, you know very well by now that too much of everything is bad.

21. You crave more in people than just the superficial. You want interesting conversations, reliability, and enlightenment. Not just excitement and fun. You want to be around people who cause you to think and to grow.

 22. Nobody is going to tell you you’re wasting away your 20s if you choose to stay in more than you stay out. It’s that age where people understand you might just be a homebody or possibly, just not into going out as much.

23. You feel like you’re finally getting a sense of balance in your life. Even if it’s not perfect, you definitely feel like you’re more in control than you were in your early 20s. But without the worries you might have in your later 20s.

24. You feel old enough to know better but young enough to know that you’ve got the rest of your life ahead of you to get it right. And still have lots of fun along the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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