23 Men Answer The Question, “What Is The Most Beautiful Thing About A Woman?”

All people are pressured by the social constructions of beauty in one way or another. And beauty has its many definitions. Women especially, fall prey to the social conversations of beauty, no matter how hard they may fight it. I didn’t ask this question because I think it’s particularly important what each and every man thinks about the beauty of any woman or all women, I asked because sometimes we get so caught up in “what society thinks,” and fail to ask real, live, breathing people (whose names I have changed here). Take it as you like.

1. For me, the most beautiful thing about a woman is her smile. I know it’s cliché but a genuine smile from a woman can make a guy fall in love. I am so corny, I know. Steven, 26

2. Her face, obviously. I can’t speak for every man on the planet but we go for women who we find attractive. But women should feel confident in knowing that every man’s taste is a little different. And no matter what she may see in the mirror, there’s probably some dude who wants that person. RJ, 27

3. I think a woman’s curves are where it’s at. Call me an alpha male or whatever but I like a woman who has that hourglass type figure and a little to a lot of junk in the trunk. James, 26

4. The most beautiful thing about a woman are her legs. I’m a legs-guy. Especially her calves. I know I sound like I have a fetish but I really just appreciate great legs. Ali, 28

5. I honestly think the most beautiful thing about a woman is her mind. Sure, the physical matters but nothing will blow me a way like a woman’s mind. Nahome, 26

6. I love eyes. Probably because I think mine are plain and boring. I feel like women’s eyes always gives them away. Probably more so than men’s. Jay, 25

7. I definitely think a woman’s body is what I find most beautiful. You make love to a woman’s entire body. Why would I single any particular part of it? Isaiah, 24

8. The most beautiful thing about a woman is the way she carries herself. Confidence is sexy. And so is humility. Charles, 26

9. I would definitely have to say the way she laughs. Especially when a woman laughs often. It means she’s a happy person and I love that. Justin, 25

10. I think the older I get the more I realize the most beautiful thing about a woman is her heart. It doesn’t matter if our relationship is platonic or I’m trying to woo her, a kind woman with a good heart is my choice of woman. Antoine, 27

11. I would have to say her face. I definitely think symmetry is important of course but also it’s the little quirks and blemishes that makes women beautiful. I think that’s why I hate when women try to “fix” something artificially. It’s often the thing men adore. Jean, 27

12. The most beautiful thing about a woman is her body. The media will have you believe that guys like a certain type of body, but most guys I know like women in many shapes and sizes. Matt, 25

13. Skin. I’m all about how soft a woman’s skin is. I think beauty has a great deal to do with raw, beautiful skin. Ian, 28

14. The most beautiful thing about a woman is definitely all the stuff that you can’t see. Her confidence, her kindness, etc. Those things are priceless. Rob, 27

15. The most beautiful thing about a woman has to do with how happy she is. You know I grew up with sisters and it became pretty clear early on that women have it tougher than guys in a lot of ways. So yes, definitely a woman’s happiness is beautiful. Roger , 31

16. I think the most beautiful thing about a woman is her kindness. Everything else you can buy or sell. But a woman’s kindness is forever. Tolu, 26

17. That’s a really a tough question. Women are beautiful and I think the most beautiful thing about a woman will probably depend on what I love most about her. And for each woman that might be different. Seb, 29

18. I think the most beautiful thing about a woman is definitely the way she smiles. A woman’s smile can instantly make you want to be a better man. I know because it happened to me. Dederick, 26

19. There are so many choose from. Her confidence, her sense of humor, the way she makes you feel. I will go with her sense of humor though. That tops the list for me. Richard, 25

20. I have to say the most beautiful thing about a woman is how she treats other people. When you can just tell by their actions and the way they talk to you that they are a good person, that is beautiful to me. Anthony, 25

21. I think a woman’s body is definitely beautiful. Everything from the curves to her waist to her breasts. Women are magical creates and any man who doesn’t know it, is a fool. Ugo, 28

22.  I think I’d have to say I’m a “soul” guy. If I can tell that she has a beautiful soul, then she will always be beautiful to me. Theo, 26

23. I’d have to say the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen from a woman is the ability to seek out and find the good in everyone, that sometimes even they themselves can’t see. Like a genuine, pure kindness and patience for others that allows her to be a positive, happy soul, to the point that it’s infectious. Roman, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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