17 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Daddy’s Girl

Ah, daddy’s girls. Often characterized as bratty. But chalk that one up to stereotypes. Dad’s are cool, and daddy’s girls are not too shabby either.
Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride

1. First things first, the only way she’s ever going to introduce you to her father is if she thinks the relationship is going somewhere. Don’t expect her to rush it. It’s a really big deal and it’ll probably take longer than what you’re used to.

2. Yes, her dad does treat her like a princess but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t her taught her to be a responsible adult who can take care of herself. Never assume otherwise.

3. She’ll talk about her dad a lot. To the point where it might annoy you. Be patient with her in this way, she just thinks her dad is one of the coolest people alive.

4. Her dad is always going to be (one of) the most important male figures in her life. And at times, she will compare how he handles things to how you handle them. (Feel free to call her out on this because it won’t always be fair.)

5. Her standards are high. Yes, for how you treat her but also for how she treats you. The thing about having positive male role models is you learn how to handle the male brain and their expectations as well.

6. Yes, her dad’s opinion of you is going to matter, no matter how old she is. And no matter how independent of a woman she might be, her dad is one of the few people who still gives her the liberties to keep her childish enthusiasm.

7. There’s only one secret to getting along with her dad: Treating his daughter with the utmost love and respect. If he has any doubts, rest assured that he’ll inform you of them. Most importantly, he’ll inform her.

8. Just because she’s a daddy’s girl, it does not mean that she is spoiled. It however might mean that she’s used to getting her way a lot. Sometimes just let her have her way.

9. But the key to gaining not just her affections but her respect is that you’re willing to say no to her once in a while. And believe it or not, her dad will probably appreciate this in you. Because he raised her to know better than to expect “yes” all the time.

10. She will not go running to her dad every time something bad happens like you might expect her to. Firstly, because her dad would expect her to handle it. Secondly, because if she really likes you, she wouldn’t want to jeopardize that.

11. However, she will go to her dad for advice because she always does. But don’t be worried about that, sometimes he’ll be on her side and sometimes (if he likes you), he’ll probably be on yours.

12. Don’t ever use her father against her or bring him up in a negative light. She is the only one ever allowed to criticize him. End of story.

13. Her dad has been her rock long before she met you. She’s not expecting you to replace him. But she is expecting that you’ll be protective in the way she’s always known.

14. Sometimes you might feel inadequate being around the two of them. But in her adulthood, know that she values her dad more now than she did when she was just a child. Always keep that in mind.

15. She doesn’t expect you to take an interest in everything her father likes. But she does hope the two of you eventually form your own bond. Try to always make an effort.

16. Recognize that few things in the world will make her happier than being with a man who her father can treat like a son.

17. Remember that no matter how you see her in womanhood, there’s a part of her that will always be daddy’s little girl. Don’t ever try to take that away from her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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