19 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Girl Who Procrastinates

1. Just like much of everything else, she’s going to procrastinate telling you how she feels about you. Recognize that she is not playing games with you. She’s just waiting till the last possible minute to tell you before you get sick of her. Why? Because that’s what last-minute people do. 

2. She will be late to almost everything. Sorry, she can’t help it. Chances are, your date was at 7:00 p.m. And she started getting ready at 6:37 p.m. But don’t worry, she has an insane ability to shower, dress, and be all dolled up in 15 minutes so she won’t be THAT late.

3. Don’t ever show up to her apartment without giving her enough time to clean and get her space in order. Chances are, she procrastinates cleaning all the time, and she will need at least half an hour every time you want to come over.

4. Her texting and calling will probably not be up to par. Again, this isn’t intentionally done to drive you crazy. And she will get better at it if you call her out on her bad texting etiquette.

5. She will have all sorts of amazing ideas for the time you and her will spend together. Half of them will be postponed because when push comes to shove, all she will feel like doing is cuddling up and looking up a new Netflix series to watch.

6. She will take her time committing to any dates you may have planned because she’s used to taking her time in deciding what she wants to do. That, and she knows she’s procrastinating a thousand other things when you ask her. Most of the time, she’ll end up saying “yes,” simply because those thousand other things can wait if she likes you.

7. Expect her to sometimes multitask while spending time with you. Yes, she’ll invite you over to hang out. But this might translate to you watching television while she’s working on a project that’s due in 5 hours, that she’s going to start in 4.

8. Don’t ever pressure her when it comes to making big decisions because the more she feels pressured, the more she will procrastinate. And the longer it will take for her to finally make a decision.

9. It will be a valiant effort to try to get her to stop procrastinating, and you will probably try. And then you will give up. She’s made it her entire life this way, trust that she’s not going to quit now.

10. Her motto is, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If it is broken, see how long you can manage with it broken until you absolutely have to fix it.” Recognize that she applies this to much of her life.

11. Because she is a procrastinator, she will be laid back about a lot of things, most of the time. But when she must get something done, she will have almost manic-like episodes and disturbing her during these times is not in your best interest.

12. She is an incredible listener. At first it’ll seem like something that just comes naturally to her. But you’ll realize she’s probably listening to all your woes and bad days because she’s putting off doing something at the moment.

13. When it comes to birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, take it easy. She will probably be more into yours than hers. The idea of planning a birthday party for herself is just another thing that she has to commit to. Which sounds like another thing that she has to be stressed by.

14. Recognize that although she is likely a free-spirited girl, she is not frivolous. She probably overcommits herself a little too much. Which is why she finds it best to just do everything only when it absolutely has to be done.

15. Being a procrastinator doesn’t mean that she is afraid of committing to you. Never assume that. Procrastinators are not anti-committment They often just don’t think about it until they feel like they have to. Or until you bring it up.

16. Her personality will initially seem like a walking contradiction. She’s always busy but she always seems really chill. She’s always laid back but she’s always tensed up by whatever she is procrastinating. She will drive you crazy in this way.

17. Her worst nightmare is not doing something that she says she’s going to do. Yes, even if she procrastinates, she always gets things done. And if she ever disappoints you by not doing what she said she was going to do, she will feel physically sick.

18. She’s really not big into making a lot of plans. In fact, she’s a big fan of spontaneity. And yes it’s because when she is being spontaneous she is probably avoiding something else. But just go with it!

19. Remember that above all, she is not a lazy girl. She is just very efficient…at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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