19 Things You Only Know If You Went To A Small Private College In The Midwest

1. You knew pretty much know everyone in your entire class by the end of your first semester.

2. Some people may know your school as the [Insert Ivy League here] of the Midwest. You tell other people the name of your school and they’re like, “What? Where?” 

3. If any of your classes had more than 20 people, it was both exciting and suffocating at the same time.

4. You either dated someone at your school all four years of college or by the end of sophomore year, you had already dated everyone in your “pool.”

5. You probably kissed/made out with an embarrassing number of people in the same friend group. 

6. Some people have “snow days,” you more than likely had “ice days,” some of which you had to use as your personal absent days. 

7. It took near-death weather for your university to even consider canceling classes.

8. But that didn’t stop you from skipping class when it really was too cold, and by that you mean 20 below. 

9. You could get anywhere on campus in less than 10 minutes but everything was still too far away in winter.

10. There were a minimum of 5 bars that everybody went to. And you got sick of all of them pretty quickly but you still kept going.

11. Any minor gossip spread like wild-fire. And even if it was later revealed as completely untrue, it would follow the person all through college. 

12. You constantly get made fun of going to school “in cornfields.” Even if your school may have been in a city and nowhere near corn.

13. You were actually taught by professors and not Teaching or Graduate Assistants, and they almost always knew you by name.

14. You actually met people who lived in a town the same size as your school.

15. You went to the closest big schools to tailgate because tailgating at your college was just kind of lame. 

16. There were only two kinds of sports fans – those who were embarrassingly into it and followed the team everywhere. And those who didn’t even know what sports teams your school had.

17. Even if you never actually did, you felt like you could leave your backpack/bag anywhere and nobody would take it.

18. You know that Midwestern hospitality and politeness is a real thing that is no match for any place. (Yes, even Southern hospitality.) 

19. Your small private college will always hold a special place in your heart but you never want to be around the same 5000 people (or less) ever again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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