16 Uplifting Reminders For When Life Has Got You Down

1. The feeling you’re feeling now won’t last forever. It may linger a while, it may linger longer than you expect. But always take solace from the fact that all pain is temporary.

2. Life is never 100%. Even in your happiest moments, there will still be cracks to fill and brokenness to heal. The thing to try to be in those moments of seemingly great hurt is okay. Just try to be okay.

3. Every disappointment is a blessing. My mother used to say that to me as a child. She’s still saying it to be me as an adult and although in the moment, I have been unable to see it, in hindsight, it has always been true.

4. Imagine if we didn’t ever experience any sorrow or grief, would we really appreciate happiness as much as we do? In some ways there is gratitude to be had for our moments of hurting, so we can value our moments of joy.

5. You don’t owe anybody, including you, the type of self that never fails or feels fragile. You have a right to all of you – even the part of you that you’d rather hide away.

6. Feeling weak doesn’t mean being weak. Everybody feels weak from time to time but coincidentally it’s the weaknesses that we experience in one day that becomes our strength the next.

7. You are not the sum-total of the emotions that you’re experiencing now. There is more to you than these negative feelings. Don’t define yourself by them. Not now, not ever.

8. Even the happiest people are not immune to sadness. Strive for a happy state of mind, a happy perspective; but not an artificial way of viewing things in which you believe that being a happy person means never feeling hurt.

9. Think of all the people who you make happy just by being alive, and being you. If only for a moment, let this bring a smile to your face.

10. You may not feel like it, you may not think it, but you’re probably doing much better than you think. Most importantly, you’re possibly doing the best you can do today.

11. Never let your hurts be transformed to anger. It is better to sit in pain than to sit in anger. The soul knows how to heal a self that is hurt, but not one that is angry.

12. Think of the last time you were feeling down or someone hurt you or life wasn’t going your way. You made it, didn’t you? You’re here now. You will make it through this too.

13. No matter how you feel in this moment, the love that you’ve garnered over the years, and most importantly the love that you’re capable of giving for the rest of your life, is strong enough to give you the hope that you need today.

14. You can always ask for help. You don’t have to do things on your own. Any kind of suffering is not meant to be a solo experience, but a shared one. And keep asking, it is humbling but many times also rewarding.

15. Believe it or not, in moments of true sadness, you are sometimes at your most beautiful because you’ve allowed yourself to be raw and vulnerable, even if that is only to yourself.

16. When you’re down and I mean when you’re really down, and yes, this is a cliché but the only place you can go is up. And if nothing else, that should keep you going today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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