17 Ungentlemanly Things 20-Something Men Have Got To Stop Doing

Earlier, I wrote 17 Unladylike Things 20-Something Women Have Got To Stop Doing. Now, here is one directed at the guys:

1. Making jokes about PMS or women’s hormones when a woman is angry. The thing is I’m not going to deny that PMS can and does affect how women may interact. But don’t make assumptions. Moreover, if just one guy got his period ever, the sky would be falling for us all.

2. Complaining about the difficulty men experience when women’s issues come up. It’s actually exasperating that “men’s rights activists” are a thing. Everyone has their own individual stories of privilege and disadvantage but if we’re talking about gender alone, you really should stop centering yourself on conversations of disadvantage.

3. Being extremely loud and obnoxious in public because you think that shows confidence. Tip: it doesn’t. It indicates douchebagary.

4. Expecting a woman to give you the time of day because you chose with your own free mind, under no duress, to buy her a drink. Sorry, if she chooses to ditch out after that drink, take it as a lesson learned and learn how to spend your money better.

5. Public intoxication. Just like with women, this is not attractive on men either. And because guys often tend to do things like get into fights and break things while drunk, it’s even more annoying.

6. Dressing in a way that is not appropriate for the place they’re going to, all under the guise of “not caring.” No guys. Try harder.

7. Swearing. Again, this is something that is as unladylike as it is ungentlemanly. And again, a gentleman knows cusses should be timed and splendid. Not used because of a lack of an extensive vocabulary.

8. Trying to impress someone with any material things you have, your job, how much money you make, etc. There are people who do care a lot about this stuff. But do you really want to know them?

9. Talking down to women in a condescending way. It doesn’t matter if it’s professional or personal, gentlemen do not see themselves as much more “all-knowing” than women and therefore do not converse with them in such a manner.

10. Thinking every place is a restroom. I know it’s a lot easier for guys to just “go” anywhere but for Pete’s sake, can you please wait until you’re in an actual restroom? That’s what they are for, you know.

11. Thinking it’s cute to get jealous in a very public way around someone you like. Nobody who is passed their prepubescent years thinks it’s cute, I promise you that much.

12. Taking pride in doing things like farting, burping, etc. obnoxiously because “you’re a dude.” It’s still unattractive and uncalled for. Sometimes you can’t help it; I get that. But doing it without concern for others around you is just indecent.

13. Talking about your sexual escapades or “conquering” and other sex-related things publicly with other guys in order to prove some sort of silly manliness. Is it so hard to keep those things to yourself?

14. Commenting on a girl’s appearance in a sexualizing or shaming way. Look, everyone has opinions but is it really necessary to voice yours in a way that is intended to hurt another person? Probably not.

15. Purposely refusing to do old-fashioned things like open doors for women, etc. because you think, “Well, this is the equality women wanted!” Women want fairness, yes. But going out of your way to not be a decent person is not cool.

16. Not taking “no” for an answer. And I mean this in every shape or form. No, women aren’t always playing hard to get. Sometimes the answer is just flat-out “no.” Gentlemen know how to deal with this and walk away with their dignity intact.

17. Calling every single girl who dares to express herself, crazy, insane, or some other covertly sexist irksome term that tries to nullify her emotions. Stop that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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