10 Backhanded Compliments People Give You When You’re Into Fitness


1. “I don’t know how you find the time to work out. I’m always so busy!”

Wow. Talk about condescending. Like every other human, people who are into fitness have 24 hours a day which consists of multiple commitments from work to relationships to laundry. And the reality is fitness is something that you do, if you value it. It’s not about having the time; it’s about making the time.

2. “You look great but the muscular look is just not for me.”

This one is usually directed at girls and all I have to say is “what?!” I’ll try and design my body according to your wishes. NOT! Firstly, it’s REALLY hard for girls to get a bulky look – our hormones are just not into it. Secondly, “having muscles” is not the goal as much as being strong is. And strength is good for functional everyday life movement, bone density, and simply recovering from injury faster.

3. “You look healthy now but don’t get skinnier.”

What is the purpose of this statement? I know it’s a difficult concept given the issues we have surrounding food and weight, but some people really ARE naturally skinny. More importantly, you can be healthy at different sizes. I’m not going to go all out and say you can be healthy at all sizes because physiologically that’s just not true. But please, who died and made you the healthy body police?

4. “Are you really going to eat ALL of that…?”

My general reaction to this is, “I ordered it, didn’t I?” The funny thing is most of the time, people who are into fitness are also generally food-conscious. So if you see someone eating ALL that they ordered, rest assured that they probably know what they are doing. (They might have just squatted for an hour and they need to replenish.)

5. “Don’t understand why you’re so into this. You don’t need to lose weight.”

To people who say this: Have you ever considered that losing weight isn’t the goal of being fit? And even if it is, unless you’re sincerely concerned about a friend’s state of mind or physical heath, or are their personal doctor, you really have no business telling someone whether they should or should not be losing weight.

6. “If you keep losing weight, you’re not going to have any booty left.”

Again, another one directed at the ladies, and especially women who may be consciously trying to lose weight (for reasons that are none of your damn business). A friend of mine had this said to her just because she wanted to lose 10 pounds. Because of course all that 10 pounds is going to come from her backside, right? Wrong! That’s not how most people’s bodies work. Now while I personally believe numbers on the scale matter less than what you physically see in the mirror and how you objectively feel about it, again, it’s nobody’s business telling someone how and where it’s appropriate to lose weight.

7. “Must be so nice being young and capable of doing all that.”

I will say this usually comes out of the mouth of some begrudged middle-aged person. And while I can empathize with getting older having adverse effects on one’s physical abilities, or being busy with raising a family, and all that, I really don’t understand why I, or any other fitness person, should punish ourselves because of you. Moreover, have you been to group fitness classes or races and seen some bad-ass middle-aged women and men kicking the asses of twenty-somethings? Because I have, and let me tell you, I have been put to shame more than just a few times.

8. “You’re so obsessed! Don’t you have a life?”

Yes people who are into fitness have lives, and there’s a lot to suggest a lot of people who are physically active are some of the most productive people in other areas of their lives as well. Because being into fitness often involves discipline which you can transfer to other areas of your life.

9. “I could never do THAT. That sounds so boring!”

Thanks for calling the exercise, race, competition, etc. that someone else is doing, boring. Do you feel good about yourself? Look, you don’t have to like the things I like, but you don’t have to be a jerk either. I think my fitness life is pretty awesome actually, and I don’t really need your shade. Maybe you should get out of the shade, get into the sun (and come on a run with me some time). LOL. Just kidding, I generally don’t run with people.

10. “You really take this whole fitness thing seriously, don’t you?”

Not any more serious than a lot of people take their favorite TV show which in case you haven’t noticed is at cultish levels too these days. Look for many people who love fitness, and I’m not talking about those who do it for ALL OF THE LIKES on social media, it mostly has to do with the stress relief, endorphins, and mental and yes, physical gains we get from fitness. Stop hating. If you can’t beat us, join us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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