18 Heartbreaking Signs You Are In An Unrequited Friendship

1. You are always the one reaching out. You’re the first one to call, text, email, Facebook, Tweet etc. Check your technological history, 99% of the time you are doing the communicating.

2. The 1% of the time they do make the first move, it’s because they need something from you.

3. You are never actually invited to hang out with them, if you’re honest you usually invite yourself.

4. It feels uncomfortable when you hang out with their other friends. You can’t quite put your finger on it, it just does.

5. Whenever you’re with them and run into one of their friends, they never introduce you; you have to introduce yourself.

6. You have several photos of you and them plastered all over your digital life. While they keep you to the bare minimum of theirs. Additionally, you always ask to take pictures with them when they’re out. They seldom ask you.

7. You often use the term “bff” to describe them. They have never used those words to describe you.

8. They regularly ignore you in conversations when you’re in a big group.

9. Whenever you try to tell a story that showcases any adventures the two of you had, they severely downplay it.

10. Whenever you try to have inside-jokes with them, they leave you hanging. With their other friends however, they all have inside jokes while you’re sitting there feeling confused and awkward.

11. They are constantly making fun of you. And not in an, “I tease you because I love,” you kind of way.” It’s more a, “You’re so pathetic, get a clue,” kind of way.

12. You are always the last one to know anything important in their life. But they are always your first.

13. More than half the time, they tell you they are too busy to hang out with you. But as their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. indicates, they are not too busy to hang out with other people.

14. They are constantly cancelling plans and when you do finally get together, they’re likely to ditch you for complete strangers.

15. You’ve tried giving them the silent treatment but had to stop because they didn’t even notice.

16. You are constantly telling them and the world how much your friendship means. Your heartfelt words are usually met with silence.

17. It feels like you’re always trying to prove yourself to them. And it feels like you’re never winning.

18. Deep down in your heart, you know you’re trying too hard to be friends with someone who doesn’t care to reciprocate the friendship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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