7 Ways To Stop Being In Your Imaginary Relationship

Last month, I wrote about 14 Signs You’re In An Imaginary Relationship. Well, it’s May which means summer is nigh which means you need to get over your imaginary relationship, and get your sexy self back to reality. Look, I understand imaginary relationships can be difficult to get out of – denial can be a happy place. But the thing about denial is that it eventually catches up with you so do yourself a favor and get out of your imaginary relationship before it begins to hurt. Reality bites but reality is also beautiful when you face it and deal with it head on.

Here are 7 ways to stop being in your imaginary relationship:

1. Avoid your imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend like it’s your job if he or she is a real person. (I hope to God that you were in an imaginary relationship with a real-live person otherwise I mean this sincerely when I say you need to see someone.) Avoid them like the plague — go out of your way not to interact with him or her in-person, via text, via email, etc. The less you see of them, the better.

2. Stop stalking them on social media. Stop looking at their Twitter or Instagram or Snapchatting them if you’re into that. If he or she is on Facebook, remove them from your news feed. Yes, I know this can be hard but take it one day at a time. Reward yourself with something every day you don’t social media stalk them.

3. Talk to someone who doesn’t like them and ask them to dish out all the details. Chance are, even if you are in an imaginary relationship with a saint, they have flaws. Capitalize on that. The thing about imaginary relationships is that we often create our own perfect version of the person. Find their flaws and revel in them.

4. Go on a date, any kind of date. This may seem pathetic but guess what? Being in an imaginary relationship is pretty pathetic too and this is a step up from that. Going on a date will remind you that you are a person who deserves to have real experiences of romantic company if that is what you want.

5. Any time you catch yourself day-dreaming about what it would be like to be with them, give yourself a slap in the face. I’m not kidding. Nothing is realer than a slap in the face.

6. Read He’s Just Not That Into You. Read it again. Then watch the movie. Watch it again. (Ladies, if it’s your time of the month, wait till the next week before attempting to do this.)

7. This last one is really important so pay attention: You have two options with this imaginary relationship. The first option is simple: you can express unequivocal interest in them, as in there is no ambiguity; they know it and you know it. Two things are likely to happen – 1.) he or she will say they are not interested and/or unavailable. Or 2.) he or she will breathe a sigh of relief that you’re just as interested in them as they are in you and it hasn’t all been in your head. Whatever happens, this will be for your benefit because you get to stop torturing yourself with this imaginary relationship. The second option is look yourself in the damn mirror and realize that if you are unable or unwilling to do the first option, no amount of imagining a relationship will ever make it real so you might as well just get over it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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