22 Reasons He Wasn’t The Right Guy For You

1. If you’re honest with yourself, you made huge leaps and bounds to justify your attraction to him — both his physical looks and his personality.

2. He hated everything you loved including your friends and family.

3. He had no future ambitions/plans for his life.

4. He had numerous future ambitions/plans for his life – none of which included you.

5. You want to travel the world. He wants to stay in the same 10-block radius forever. Or vice versa.

6. HE WAS ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP! (Slap yourself twice for even getting involved in the first place.)

7. He told you that he was looking for someone who would stay at home and ensure that dinner was made at 7:22 P.M on the dot every day. You weren’t down with that.

8. You want to stay at home and raise kids, he laughed and told you that’ll never happen.

9. You want kids, he doesn’t. Or he wants kids and you don’t. Neither of you plan on changing your minds.

10. When it was all said and done, your religious differences kept creeping up in arguments and neither of you wanted to compromise on them.

11. He had the maturity level of a seven year-old which was cute, until it wasn’t.

12. He used the words, “gnarly” and “YOLO” more than any human being should be allowed to.

13. He made you feel like a piece of crap 90% of the time.

14. He hit you or he threatened to hit you and one occasion of this was more than enough.

15. You constantly made excuses for him to those who questioned why you were with him.

16. He judged you based on your past decisions.

17. You just didn’t get each other’s sense of humor.

18. You could not stand his family and the thought of being forever connected to them made you physically ill.

19. You always felt like you had to put on a performance for him – that you could never quite be yourself when he was around.

20. He called you crazy when you were simply expressing your feelings.

21. He just wasn’t that into you and you’ve got enough self-respect to want to be with someone who does.

22. He wasn’t a bad guy. He was actually a decent guy that you were reasonably attracted to and got along with well enough. But something was missing or as luck would have it, the stars were just not aligned at the time. Everything happens for a reason. And sometimes that’s the only closure life can give you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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