19 Signs You Are Burned Out (And Probably Need A Vacation)

1. You’ve stared blankly at your computer for extended periods of time. You have things to do; you’re just taking longer than usual to get them done. A lot longer.

2. You yelled at your mother. You never ever yell at your mother.

3. Actually you yell at just about everyone and everything these days. “WHY IS THIS STUPID DRESS STAINED? ARGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” (Just take it to the cleaners.)

4. No one wants to talk to you anymore because every conversation has a 86.73% chance of you ending up in tears.

5. You’re intentionally avoiding family and friends like the plague because right now, everything they say gets on your nerves.

6. Your surroundings – your city, your neighborhood, which you usually love is starting to feel like a prison.

7. You are falling back asleep within three hours of waking up, and I mean flat-out, gone into dreamland in your office, or in class, or at your favorite neighborhood café.

8. Your procrastination is at an all-time high as in you are turning in things literally seconds before the due date/time.

9. You are forgetting things, important things, like siblings’ birthdays and essential work reports that may or may not get you fired.

10. Every available fifteen minutes is used for a nap, anytime, anywhere.

11. You spend 75%  of your time at work doing anything but work, including but not limited to re-reading your favorite bookmarked blog posts, excessive personal Tweeting, Google chatting, and once or twice you’ve even turned on Facebook chat.

12. You curse out anyone on social media who shares thoughts and images of the oh-so-wonderful time they are having doing whatever they are doing.

13. The thought of hanging out with people at a bar or any other activity that might need you to exude some cheerful energy makes you tense.

14. Your workouts are taking a hit and each session is honestly just starting to feel like a death sentence.

15. You’ve stopped texting and calling people back because it’s just too much damn effort.

16. When you do have conversations with people, even long ones, about important things, you have no clue what you talked about ten minutes later.

17. You’re genuinely just tired all the time no matter how hard you try to get enough sleep.

18. Every day, at least five times a day, you consider quitting your life, selling your belongings and moving to Brazil indefinitely. You’ll figure out the rest when you get there.

19. Somebody super hot just hit on you in a very public place and in a very obvious way but you didn’t have a clue what was going on until half an hour later when you were sitting by yourself analyzing the interaction. Yeah…it’s time for a vacation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Luis Hernandez

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