16 Reasons He’s Not Asking You Out

1. You’re intimidating. Yes, you are. You don’t give him any kind of sign that you’re interested or you give him mixed signals and he is in a state of confusion.

2. He just got out of a bad relationship and he does in fact want to be single for a little while before he gets back in the game.

3. His life is a little too complicated right now and he’s being a good guy and not bringing you into it until he figures a few things out.

4. He thinks that you just see him as just a friend.

5. He sees you as just a friend.

6. He’s moving across the country or abroad in a few months and doesn’t want a long-distance relationship.

7. He is not over his ex.

8. You pretend that you don’t like him. In fact, when he’s around, you act like he doesn’t even exist at all.

9. Sometimes you run away when you see him because that just seems like the most natural response to being in the same room as someone you like. (Okay, fine, maybe that’s just something I would do.)

10. You’re the booty call, hollaback girl, side-chick, etc. You get the point.

11. He thinks you’re already seeing someone probably because you never fail to mention all the dates you’re going on when he’s within earshot.

12. He thinks you’re out of his league.

13. He’s heard you say on more than one occasion that you’re not looking for a relationship right now which is true except he doesn’t know he’s the exception to that rule.

14. You used to date/like one of his friends, and no matter the circumstance, he doesn’t believe in breaking that code.

15. He’s just not that into you, which sucks but it doesn’t mean you’re not a catch; you’re just not his catch.

16. You’re both doing this thing where you think that you may like each other but neither of you wants to make the first move and so you’re not asking him and he’s not asking you and no one’s getting anywhere. Both of you are basically pansies. There, I said it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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