11 Thoughts I Have About ‘Scandal’


1. My all-time favorite quote from the show, “Everyone is a good guy to someone, it just depends on your point of view…” is a true but terrifying statement. So even murderers, terrorists, etc. they’re all good guys to someone. Yeah…

2. Olivia Pope is a fixer. Is that an actual job? And if it is, how do I get it?

3. From now on, when someone asks, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I’ll say, “Firstly, I’d like to have a team of Gladiators. Secondly, to be in any kind of environment that will require me to say, ‘SHUT THIS DOWN!’ at least once a month.”

4. This show is giving side-chicks hope. Let me enlighten all you side-chicks out there: You are not Olivia Pope and in reality, the side-chick will probably remain the side-chick. So please, fall back. (I genuinely cackled while writing, “fall back.”)

5. What the hell is the government hiding from us?! Actually, I don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

6. If you’ve ever wondered if anyone you know has a skeleton in their closet, the answer is always, “Yes.”


7. Olivia was in the shower with Fitz last week with her hair down. And I’m not speaking for all Black females everywhere because we all have different hair and all the jazz, but please tell me someone else also had a panic attack about that? Please?

8. Are real presidents as idle as Fitz? I mean the man has passed MAYBE one piece of legislation in the two seasons Scandal has been on. Just saying.

9. How much power “do the people” really have? At the top, and I mean at the very top which is not accessible to 99.999999999% of all of us, aren’t basically 200 people making decisions for millions of people every day?

10. There has been a lot of talk about the races of Olivia and Fitz. So much talk that I used Scandal as my main text for a conference paper about media portrayal of Black/African-American women in interracial relationships. Being African and the kind of African I was brought up to be, I have always found the special attention that interracial relationships get in America fascinating, and from my research thus far, especially so when the female is Black. Well, if Olitz hasn’t cleared it up, allow me to do so: Black females can like White males. White males can like Black females. I want to marry James Franco or Ryan Reynolds. Can we move on now?

11. This is the best show on television. Period. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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