14 Signs You’re In An Imaginary Relationship

  1. You plan your schedule around the times you’re likely to see him or her which is fine except you’re genuinely disappointed when they do not show-up like they promised you they would.
  2. You have definitely held pretend full-on conversations with him or her except it was just you talking to yourself.
  3. Whether real or imagined, you know all the important things about them – what school they went to, how many siblings they have, their favorite sports teams, their favorite color, etc.
  4. You hear of a fun event and you think it would be perfect for you and your imaginary significant other.
  5. You get jealous way too easily when you see them talking to what you perceive as another potential mate.
  6. You start telling people who see you as a potential mate that you’re already seeing someone and when they ask you for details you describe him or her.
  7. Telling people who make passes at you that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t feel like lying.
  8. You get excited when someone mentions their name and you proceed to talk about them like there is in fact something going on between the two of you.
  9. Your friends likely know who he or she is and ask you how they are doing. Secretly, they are concerned about your well-being.
  10. You can totally relate to all the difficulties all your friends in real relationships are having.
  11. You don’t go out sometimes because you assume that they won’t be out either.
  12. Going on dates with other people feels like cheating.
  13. You’ve actually stopped going on dates with other people because you’ve decided it is cheating.
  14. You nodded to “yes” to almost all of these. Reality bites huh? Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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