19 Ways To Deal With Frustration

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1. Cry. Cry your heart out. Shit gets rough and sometimes a good cry will in fact, make you feel better.

2. Grab a drink. Yes, I mean the alcoholic kind. Just grab one and experience your nerves calming down.

3. Scream. Screaming is a lot like crying so go to town. Try to keep it to a minimum of two minutes though -you don’t want the cops called on you.

4. Take a walk. Walks are wonderful for the mind, body, and soul. Even if it’s up and down a flight of stairs — just take a walk.

5. Put angry music on. I, personally already have an “ANGRY” playlist set up for times of frustration. I highly recommend creating one. Yes, there’s some Eminem on there.

6. Go on a run. If you have the time, you’ll burn that frustration away. Endorphins friends, endorphins.

7. Call someone. That could be your friend or your mother — venting feels good especially when the person is a great listener. Don’t call someone who is a bad listener.

8. Tweet about it. Last night, my internet decided that it wouldn’t work and I was in the middle of my final literature review for the quarter. You know what I did? I tweeted, “I hate Comcast with the fire of a thousand suns.” I seldom do things like that. It was immature and I cringed 20 minutes later. But in the moment, it felt good.

9. Got a punching bag? Use it. I envy people who have punching bags in their apartments. Look, I don’t encourage violence at all; I abhor it. But if you’ve ever hit a punching bag for exercise, you know the frustration release that comes from it and there’s nothing like it.

10. Eat your heart out. Find the nearest cookie or chicken drumstick and bite the hell out of it.

11. Get yourself into your favorite yoga position. This could get awkward if you’re in public but that’s unimportant if you’re in the heat of frustration. If tree pose can simmer your emotions, do it.

12. Type a long angry text. You don’t actually have to send the text to anyone but it’ll feel good just to get the words out.

13. Watch a funny YouTube video. If you’re looking to get as far away from your frustration feelings as possible and move on to happier emotions, YouTube-search “Bad Day Chipmunks version.” You’re welcome.

14. Facebook your feelings. I don’t recommend this one. Facebook is a different animal from Twitter. Here you have the opportunity to write a short story about your frustration…a short story that will make you “that person” on Facebook. But honestly, who cares? It’s your Facebook — do as you please. People are going to judge you anyway.

15. Hit your head numerous times on the nearest table. Please take care not to actually injure yourself.

16. Grab a pen and write your feelings down.

17. Grab a pencil and draw your feelings.

18. Take long slow deep breaths. Repeat three to five times. For added effect, close your eyes.

19. Head to your computer. Type a post titled, “19 Ways To Deal With Frustration.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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