12 Things You Can Do This Fall With The Person You Love


1. Watch the new season of American Horror Story together. The show starts October 7th, giving you plenty of time to plan your snacks ahead of time.

2. Spend a day trying different pumpkin beers and hard apple ciders from local breweries.

3. Go to a U-Pick pumpkin patch and apple farm. Pick a few pumpkins and spend an evening carving out spooky or funny designs.

4. Find recipes on Pinterest for new fall drinks or snacks. Invite your partner and friends over for a taste testing.

5. Go on a haunted history tour in your town or neighboring city. Learn about the spooky things that make up the town’s history.

6. Head out to a cider mill (if you have one in your area). Have fun indulging in cider, donuts, caramel apples, and whatever else you can only get this time of year.

7. Look up fall color tours in your state. Most states that experience great fall foliage offer routes you can take where you can see the best fall colors. Bring a camera, hot drinks, and spend a day with your love driving around and seeing your state when it’s at its most colorful.

8. Go to your local nature center or a trail you love to hike and go on a leaf hunt. Find the biggest and/or most colorful leaves you can find that have fallen.

9. Watch your classic favorite horror movies you loved as a kid. Make a list of both of your favorites and choose a weekend you want to binge watch all of them.

10. Attend Oktoberfest together. What started in Bavaria (southern Germany) has become a regular beloved festival all over the world to celebrate good beer and food. Definitely one of the best festivals of the season to celebrate with your partner.

11. If you both love coffee, take a tour of coffeeshops in your area and try a variety of their seasonal drinks. Make notes of which one makes the best pumpkin-spiced latte or caramel apple cider.

12. Spend a day baking your favorite fall snacks together. Roast pumpkin seeds, make dried apples, cook autumn applesauce. Whatever food or snacks remind you of this time of year, take a day to make them together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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