16 Things You Can Do Right Now Instead Of Texting Your Crush

Lari Streule
Lari Streule

I know how it is. You’ve just got home from work or school and the first thing you think about doing is seeing what your crush is up to. You anxiously think about how you should phrase the text, if it’s too soon to text since the last time you texted, and what happens if you text and they don’t respond. Sure, you could do all of those things. OR you could do something fun or productive that could improve your day. Here are 16 things you could do OTHER THAN texting that person you’ve been day dreaming about.

1. Learn a new language. In the time it would take you to text your crush and wonder when they’re going to reply you could have already finished your first lesson in French or Italian.

2. Instead of wasting your texts on your crush, send a message to someone you love – your mom, your best friend, your sister. Tell them you’re thinking of them and hope they have a good day. It will instantly brighten their mood.

3. Take 15 minutes to draw yourself a long bath. Not only will it help relax you, it’ll help blood circulation and can help you have a night of deep sleep.

4. Find a recipe you want to make tonight or this week. Invite your friends over for dinner. And if you end up deciding you’re ultimately too lazy to cook you can always just order a pizza.

5. Work on something creative. Crack open your notebook, drawing pad, adult coloring book, whatever.

6. Pick up one of those books you bought ages ago and forgot to read.

7. Organize your closets or a messy space you’ve been meaning to clean up. De-cluttering and cleaning will help ease your anxiety and make you feel more productive at the end of the day.

8. Go running or find a community/low-cost yoga class to go to. If you’ve been thinking about joining a gym go visit the different gyms in your area. Many times they gave free passes for a week or two for you to try them out.

9. Get dressed up and take yourself out on a date. Go to the movies, a used bookstore, your favorite place to eat – whatever it is you love to do, do all of them within a 5 hour period.

10. Listen to the albums you were obsessed with as a teenager. Channel your inner 13-year-old.

11. Do a digital detox. Put your phone in the other room, turn off the TV or computer, and spend a bit of time in stillness. Write down your thoughts as they flow through you, learn to become at ease without having any technology around. Savor your time doing nothing.

12. Find out what your best friend is up to. Ask if she wants to take a walk or do something together.

13. Go to the library and spend an afternoon reading about a topic or two you’ve always been curious about.

14. Re-connect with a family member you haven’t talked to in a long time just to see how they’re doing.

15. Answer your emails. Challenge yourself to get your inbox down to zero by the end of the day.

16. Plan something with someone for the upcoming weekend. Take a look and see if there are any free events happening or if any new restaurants or cafes have opened up. Give yourself something to look forward to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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