15 Things People Who Love To Be Alone Are Secretly Guilty Of


1. Waiting to answer texts when someone asks what you’re up to because you get that weird panicky feeling that they’re going to want to hang out immediately.

2. OR you straight up decline plans for no real reason other than you just don’t feel like being around people at the moment. It’s nothing personal. You just really were planning on being alone at the time your friend suggested doing something.

3. Putting more importance on reading a book than going out and feeling absolutely no remorse over your choice.

4. Or if it isn’t a book, it’s finishing a TV series. C’mon, sometimes you just HAVE to know how something’s going to end before you can proceed on with your life.

5. Asking someone if they want to do something later in the day or on a different day just because if you don’t spend more time by yourself your social fuses will feel like they are completely fried and you’ll just be a blob hanging out with them with limited social ability.

6. Wanting to drink alone vs. drinking with friends. You love having a couple beers or a bottle of wine with your friends but sometimes there’s nothing better than having those drinks completely by yourself after a long day.

7. Taking yourself on a date and not inviting anyone along. Sometimes you go to events, see a movie, or go on a hike on your own and when you tell your friends later about it, they’re like, how come you didn’t invite me? Sometimes doing something alone just feels better than experiencing it with other people.

8. You can get annoyed when your friends suddenly spring new people on you. When they bring other people to tag along to what you thought was just going to be a hang out sesh with just you two, it can be hard for you to warm up to new people.

9. You actually don’t mind being single. Being single just means more time with yourself and honestly, what’s better than that? When your friends always complain about being single you might chime in but the truth is, while you enjoy relationships when you’re in one you’re not some tortured soul when you’re not attached to someone.

10. You always find yourself listening in on people’s conversations. You love observing others and discovering the way people behave and interact with others. Whether you’re getting coffee or walking around, you can’t help but tune into the lives of other people.

11. Sometimes you can be independent to a fault. You’ve always done things by yourself so once someone else comes into the picture and wants to share responsibilities, even if it would help you out, you have a hard time letting go and letting someone in.

12. Your best weekend is spent in solitude. While you see nothing wrong with this it can get on the nerves of your friends who don’t get why you don’t want to do something even though you’re not actually going to be doing anything.

13. You find yourself wanting deep conversations to last longer. When you’re with people and feel yourself really connecting with them you don’t want the moment to end.

14. You would rather work alone than work with people. You don’t mind the occasional group brainstorming activity but everytime your boss suggests getting a group together to do something you secretly roll your eyes and sigh.

15. You hate when people question your love of being alone. When you say you’re going to do something by yourself people immediately want to know why and why you don’t want to bring someone else with you. “Won’t you be lonely?” is one of the worst questions. There is, after all, a difference between being alone and being lonely. ;) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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