10 Women Talk About The Reality Of Dating Older Men With Money

Would you date someone for their bank account if it meant you could pay your student loans off faster and have a little bit of extra spending money? Many women are saying yes, they would. Stories about young women dating rich, older men for tuition money have increased over the years as more dating websites offer a place solely for young, attractive singles to seek out older, financially generous professionals.

It’s a seemingly ideal situation – find someone rich you’re sexually compatible with and let them take care of all your financial woes in exchange for sex and companionship. It’s basically like any other relationship except in sugar dating culture there are clear expectations of what the other person wants and expects to get out of the relationship. I talked to 10 women from various sugar daddy dating websites about the reality of dating older men with money. Here’s what they told me.


“Most of them are cheap as fuck.” – Kelly, 29.


“If you find the right sugar daddy, it can be a great experience. I found one in college I would see once a week. We’d go out to a nice dinner, have great conversation, then after a couple drinks we’d go back to his house and have sex. He gave me a $500 weekly allowance to help me out, which is small compared to what a lot sugar daddies on websites promise, but we had a great relationship for the 2 years we saw each other so the money didn’t matter that much. It was plenty to help cover my bills and I actually really enjoyed dating him.” – Emily, 25.


“They just want to show you off like you’re their Barbie doll while making demands. They’re always insecure and jealous little pricks with ex-wives squeezing them by the balls. They usually have a lot of rules and treat you like one of their children, except the difference is they want to fuck you and keep you around, so they’ll buy you jewelry or give you cash, and if you threaten to end it they cry like a little bitch.” – Veronica, 24.


“I’ve dated a couple of older men with money and both experiences were different. The first one was very particular about when we saw each other. It was on his terms. He’d call me up in the middle of the day when he knew I was home from school or work and ask to get a quickie or he’d tell me to meet him at his apartment later that night when his son went to bed. It might sound awful to be someone’s little toy they can order up whenever they want but I enjoyed it. He wasn’t super rich or anything but he was really attractive, great in bed, funny, and helped me with some of my bills. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend so it was kind of the perfect thing for both of us at the time.  The last older guy I dated with money was a lot richer than the first and someone I met from a sugar daddy site. He taught me a lot about life – just random things like about art, wine, cooking – things I probably wouldn’t have learned until later. He was more of a mentor. We’d go on dates and he’d take me to parties or art galleries but it was always his office where we’d fuck. No where else. Always wondered if he was secretly married.” – Chelsea, 32.


“My mom always said to me, “Why date a poor guy when you can date a rich guy?” I don’t care how shitty this sounds but yes, things are just easier when you’re dating someone with money. And when you’re a young, attractive woman you basically can have whoever you want. It’s just a matter of deciding who and why. People always want to say, “Good luck! He’ll just trade you in for a younger, hotter model when you turn 35.” And to that I say, thank god! Older men who only date women for their looks are always weird. They’re fun when you’re young and need to take care of college and are working on your career but that’s about it.” – Kristen, 25.


“I love sugar daddies. They make everything so easy. You both know what you want and you both get what you want if you’re both being honest. He wants a hot younger woman to fool around with when he has the time and you want cash and presents because your soul sucking day job doesn’t cover more than the bills. There’s usually no commitment, although you always discuss if each other will be seeing other sugar partners, so it’s just an easy exchange of fun, sex, money, and friendship. Is it prostitution? In a way, sure. But sugar daddies are men you actually build relationships with. They aren’t just someone you fuck for $100. Yes, you both give each other what each other wants, but it’s not a cold transaction. You still care for them. You still think of them between the dates and hot sex even if you never say a word about it.” – Megan, 26.


“Ugh. Rich guys are the worst. Give me a broke dude working a shitty job at a restaurant going to school or working on his dreams when his shift is over any day over some rich asshole. I tried the whole ‘sugar dating’ thing when I heard about different sugar daddy dating websites in college but those guys were always gross and basically just wanted a prostitute. They didn’t give a fuck about you. They just wanted your body and they wanted it for the least amount of money as possible. It’s gross. If I’m going to have a casual relationship with someone that’s based on sex I’d rather have a guy who respects me and my body.” – Heather, 29.


“Dating an older man with money is great. What isn’t there to love? They’ve usually already been through the wife and/or kids thing so they’re more mature. They’re experienced sexually, know how to please a woman, and they’re more culturally refined. They take you to the best restaurants and the best stores. They look out for you and talk to you about your goals, your finances. Even if they don’t flat out give you money for shopping or something they always make sure you’re well taken care of.” – Elisa, 33.


“Never again. I dated an older guy one time, about 15 years older, and he really tried to impress me like he had his shit together. I was only 20 and extremely naive so I didn’t see the warning signs or red flags that everything he said was total bullshit. In the beginning he would do nice stuff for me but by the end of the relationship he was pissed I wasn’t helping him pay his bills even though he made $100,000 and I was a college kid working at the campus library! No thanks. I’d rather date someone around my age and I don’t really care how much money they make.” – Kera, 27.


“Older dudes with cash are a lot of work. They’re like horny 15-year-old boys that never grew up. They spend their money in stupid ways to show off but then get pissed if you ask them to buy you a pair of nice high heels. They seem to have a lot of emotional problems, especially when they get older and their dick doesn’t work like it used to. Trust me, I know. I’ve dated 3 of them.” – Aubrey, 24. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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