16 Things That Happen When You’re A Quiet Person Around New People (But A Total Spaz Around Your Friends)

brigitte stanford
brigitte stanford

1. When you first meet people they assume things about you. They think you’re stuck up, you’re an asshole, you’re a snob, whatever. They notice you’re just kind of sitting there, not saying much, not really adding to the group dynamic.

2. There’s always that one guy that just has to point out how quiet you are.

3. Or that guy that has to be like, “hey YOU, you haven’t said anything. What’s your opinion?”

4. And because people put so much pressure on you to be “on” and say something you pretty much want to do nothing except escape the situation immediately or go die in a hole somewhere.

5. Meanwhile you’ve been sitting there actually thinking SO MANY THINGS and OBSERVING. You just don’t feel like you have anything relevant to add to the conversation so you stay quiet and listen to what others are saying.

6. The truth is you’ve always been the kind of person who’s had like 2 or 3 friends max. You have tons of acquaintances but only a handful of people who you’d actually consider close friends.

7. You’ve never really thought of yourself as the shy type because you actually aren’t shy at all once you get to know someone.

8. As time goes by and you become a little bit more comfortable with people that were once strangers to you you realize you’re actually kind of becoming friends.

9. Then once you hit premo best friend status your personality comes out in FULL FORCE.

10. You’re hilarious.

11. You’re witty.

12. You’re dancing on tables, taking shots, and singing all the lyrics to “Bubble Butt.”

13. You’re the motherf*cking best friend they never knew they needed.

14. Your new friends are like, lol wow, who knew you were like this? I thought you were so quiet!

15. You’re like, who me? WHO ME? Yeahhh…

16. You’re still sometimes completely awkward and say weird things at the wrong time but that’s okay because that’s just you! Sometimes you’re quiet, sometimes you’re a bit of spaz, but your friends love you anyway and it’s all good…at least until you meet new people again. Sigh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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