19 Great Drake Quotes That Will Make You Feel Like No One Understands Your Pain Better Than Him

Drake - Vevo
Drake – Vevo

I went to a lit reading a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn that combined music + literature by making the reading themed all things Drake or all things ~inspired~ by the emotional poignancy of his lyrics. It was pretty fun. After the reading I realized he knows how to truly cut into the core of modern dating and relationships. Here are some of his best lyrics that will have you nodding your head in agreement because you’ve likely experienced something similar.

1. “I know they say the first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest.” – “Karaoke”

2. “The things I can’t change are the reasons you love me.” – “Jungle”

3. “I don’t deserve her at all/No, not at all/I only text her, man, I never call /I’m still a canine at heart, I’m a dog” – “Company”

4. “Still findin’ myself, let alone a soulmate” – “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”

5. “The good ones go when you wait too long.” – “Good Ones Go”

6. “And really, I think I like who I’m becoming.” “Crew Love”

7. “You know its real when your latest nights are your greatest nights/The sun is up when you get home, that’s just a way of life.” “The Ride”

8. “These days it’s hard to meet women/Feel like my love life is finished/I’ve been avoiding commitment/That’s why I’m in this position”“Girls Love Beyonce”

9. “Seen too much, it’s so hard for me to let new people in.” – “Legend”

10. “Lately I feel the haters eatin away at my confidence/They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments”“6 PM In New York”

11. “My ex asked where I’m going, I said moving on to other things.” “10 Bands”

12. “I think better when I’m not sober.”“Ignorant Shit”

13. “Let’s toast to the fact that I’ve moved out my mama’s basement.” – “Say Something

14. “Everybody talks and everybody listen/But somehow the truth just always comes up missing.” – “Say What’s Real”

15. “Am I the only 23 year old wine connoisseur?” – “You Know, You Know”

16. “Lights get low and that’s when I have my brightest ideas”“Club Paradise”

17. “You look for reasons for us to argue/I swear everytime I call/You just tell me how I don’t call you.”“Let’s Call It Off”

18. “Know we were going through some shit, name a couple that isn’t.” – “From Time

19. “I just want some head in a comfortable bed” “The Language” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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