14 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is Your Cousin

  1. You two have been best friends for literally ever. Most best friends jokingly say they can’t remember life before meeting but you actually can’t remember life before your best friend was in your life. Your moms have had you hanging out since you were toddlers.
  1. Your parents trust your cousin more than your other friends. When you’re with your cousin your family doesn’t even really question what you’re doing or if you’ll be okay, unlike if you were with your other friends. That means you two get away with a lot more and it’s pretty freaking awesome.
  1. Your family events are always awesome. Even if your weird uncle is up to his shenanigans or aunt Carol is droning on and on about her casserole recipe, you at least have your best friend right there suffering through the awkward family moments with you.
  1. If you two have been so busy you haven’t been able to make plans you know you’re bound to run into each other sooner or later. Her mom’s upcoming retirement party, your sister’s bat mitzvah, uncle ed’s birthday party. You two can never stay apart too long without your family bringing you back together.
  1. You always have someone to share your family’s secrets with. The great thing about having your cousin as your best friend is she’s never going to judge you for whatever situation your family is going through because it’s her family too. She can relate and identify with what’s happening on a deeper level than your other friends.
  1. And because you guys have this connection you have an unbreakable bond. There’s nothing you two could face that would tear you apart.
  1. One of the best parts of being best friends with your cousin? Family vacations!! You don’t ever have to ask mom or dad if your best friend can come along because chances are, they’re already included on the trip.
  1. You can always be yourself around them. They’ve known you for so long and you guys have been through so much there’s never a time when you feel like you can’t be your weird, silly, quirky self.
  2. They know you better than basically anyone else. When you’ve shared so much of your life with someone they’re able to develop an intuition about you. They know what pushes your buttons, why you’re insecure about certain things, the things you hope to do with your life someday.
  3. When your other friends are pissing you off you always have your cousin to turn to. That’s the great thing about being best friends with your cousin. They’re always there for you in times of need or when you just need to vent about the other people in your life.
  4. When rough moments in your life hit you always have someone there supporting you. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad news in your family or just a personal moment that has affected you – your cousin is there for it all. Even if you don’t feel like other people in your family are there for you, you know your cousin’s love and support is limitless.
  5. When your family won’t dish on something scandalous happening your cousin is always there to help you fill in the pieces. You both use your expert family ninja skills to figure out what’s really going on. It’s basically one of the best parts of having your cousin as your best friend.
  6. You always have someone to stay with if they move away or go off abroad. Your cousin decided to spend a year backpacking Europe or Australia? They moved to some sweet new city for a job? Cha-ching! The best part of having a family member move is that you can totally cash in on their new digs and have a place to stay if you want to come visit while also traveling to a new location.
  7. Your cousin will always remain your most trusted friend in your life. You’ve spent so much of your life together and have gone through thick and thin with each other. There’s a sense of trust and loyalty you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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