15 Ways You And Your Best Friend Are Basically An Old Married Couple


1. You get to a bar and the first thing you guys do is complain about how loud it is.

Seriously, tho? Why is the music so loud? You guys start thinking about other places you could go but ultimately you just decided to sit and suffer while complaining occasionally how loud everything is.

2. You always joke about how you guys fight like a married couple.

You two bicker like mad at each other but you never really argue. It’s a shared talent you have between you two to know how to push each other’s buttons but in a weird, lovingly way.

3. You have your “shows” you watch together.

You will bail on other plans when you suddenly remember you need to get home and watch your show with your bestie. It might be binge watching Friends every night when you get out of work or your weekly ritual of watching Game of Thrones together when it’s on. You two have a secret understanding that watching your shows together is a part of this whole friendship thing and you can’t imagine watching it without her. It’s basically in the friendship contract.

4. You say you “always forget things” and your best friend doesn’t even get annoyed anymore.

She comes over to go out for the night and you’re like, “Wait, I can’t find my keys! I forget where I put them.” So you spend 20 minutes on a hunt for your keys. Meanwhile she’s like, “Did you look in your desk? What about that one place you sometimes put them in the kitchen?” You’re like, ugh, I already looked there!! But then you look again and they’re there and she just chuckles.

5. You guys don’t even really care about dressing to impress anymore. Comfort is key.

You can’t remember the last time you wore makeup or real pants around your best friend. You love that you can just hang out like a total sloth together and it’s perfectly acceptable. And if she comes over in a cute outfit or with lipstick you’re like, “Oooh, what are you so dolled up for?”

6. You love sitting around together telling stories of how it was in the good ol’ days.

The good ol’ days of high school, college, the summer you two spent in Europe, the time you got lost on the streets of San Francisco. It doesn’t really matter when it happened or even if it was was just a year ago but reflecting back on your old memories together always gives you the warm and fuzzies.

7. They’ve been in your life so long you don’t even remember exactly how you guys met.

When people ask you about how you two met you don’t even remember because it’s been so long. Did life exist before they came into it? You’re not sure. And honestly, who cares?

8. You don’t even question who’s going with you when you get an invite to a wedding or event with a +1.

10 out of 10 it’s always going to be them going with you.

9. Board games + a bottle of wine = best Friday night ever.

You guys seriously love playing your board games or crossword puzzles together. It might be with a bottle of Pinot Grigio but this is just how you guys party these days. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. You’re so comfortable with them there’s nothing you can’t talk about together.

Nothing is off limits. You can talk about some funky body issues you’ve been having lately, your greatest insecurities, dreams for the future that might not be realistic but are fun to talk about anyway, and your bff is totally down to hear it all.

11. You have your routines together and feel off if you miss them for some reason.

Whether it’s weekend brunch at the diner with the best mimosas in town or Wednesday night gab fests over happy hour at the wine bar a block away from work you’re just used to counting on these little moments in your schedule that make the rest of your week a bit brighter. If they don’t happen you just don’t feel a little off.

12. You guys like talking about your health. Like, a lot.

You guys can go a full conversation talking about nothing else except recent health issues, weird body stuff, lady stuff, or whatever else is ailing you. You ask her how she’s feeling and genuinely care about her answer. You don’t have any other friends who would even pay attention for more than 5 minutes about this sort of thing but that’s probably why she’s your best friend. She’s always there.

13. You’ve gone through different eras together and she’s still your #1 girl.

Whether it’s literally an era or time or just a weird phase you went through your best friend has got your back no matter what comes up or what happens between you two. That’s just the way you guys are and the way you’ll always be.

14. You both like old school TV shows and movies no one else seems to be into.

Seriously, you two can crush a game of Wheel of Fortune and you got those Law & Order binge watches down on lock. Everyone else might be talking about the new season of Girls or something and you’re completely uninterested.

15. You can make each other laugh so hard almost to the point of peeing your pants.

Everyone else at the table is like, “wait, what just happened?” and you just keep laughing because it’s nothing they would understand or get. You two have such a long history together filled with so many inside jokes that often just a look or one word can make you laugh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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