14 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Partner For Life

  1. You make promises together you’d never make with anyone else. And you actually know they’ll happen. You talk about someday starting a business together, taking a cross-country road trip, adopting a couple of dogs together. They’re the only person in your life you can create these kinds of plans with and know they’ll really happen.
  1. Any small detail you think they’d be interested in you HAVE to text them right away about it no questions asked. A funny coincidence that happened, a brand new song you just found on Spotify you’ve already fallen madly in love with, a gorgeous new lip color – these things MATTER and your best friend is the only one who not only understands why they matter but is genuinely interested.
  1. You’re not afraid of conflict. Sometimes shitty things come up and they have to be dealt with. With your best friend you know you can have a conversation, even have a pretty serious argument, but you know at the end of it they’re still there for you. You don’t avoid bringing up messy topics or having serious conversations if they need to happen. You two can discuss things, fight a little, but still come out of it alive and better for it afterwards.
  1. You have weekly, monthly, or sometimes even daily beloved routines you do together. Sunday brunch at the greasy diner you two discovered when you first moved into the area. Good morning texts to pump each other up for the day. Happy hour drinks every Wednesday at that one place that’s kind of out of the way but makes the best damn Bloody Marys so you don’t even mind the extra hassle getting there. These are the kinds of routines that are seriously TREASURED.
  1. No one gives advice like they do. You have other friends, of course, and those other friends give decent advice but you just know when you really need a fresh perspective and someone to give it to you straight your best friend is the one to go to. They keep you realistic and grounded but they also encourage you to go for what you really want.
  1. They inspire you to be a better person. Maybe it’s their general outlook on life or maybe it’s their dreams and goals for their life. Either way, there’s just something about them that always inspires you to do better. You have many role models in life but you can’t deny your best friend isn’t also at the top of that list.
  1. You have a quiet peace between you. They’re one of the few people you can do absolutely nothing with and still have a great time together. You’re comfortable with each other’s silences. You don’t feel the need to constantly talk or entertain each other. They can be in the same room reading a book or playing on their iPad while you’re organizing your closet for the millionth time and the whole thing just feels oddly comforting.
  1. You can hear what they’re thinking even if they don’t actually say anything. At this point in your friendship it’s just second nature for you to have that gut instinct about them and know what they’re thinking or feeling without any words being spoken. And they have the ability to do this with you too.
  1. You’re basically an honoree member of their family. You’ve been on a first name basis with their parents for ages. You’re truly missed if you don’t come to every family party and their mom WILL text you and ask why you aren’t there. Their family is your family. You can’t imagine a life without them.
  1. You two are masters of compromise. Even if you both can be ridiculously and hilariously stubborn at times you also just want each other to be happy. You can each give a little when the time calls for it.
  1. You’re not threatened when they need to go off and do their own thing. When they say they just want a weekend alone to recharge or if an old friend is in town for the week and they won’t have time to meet you for your usual routines you’re totally okay with it all. You recognize they have an entire life outside of your friendship and you don’t get jealous during the times they need to focus on other people.
  1. You two can have fun literally anywhere. Maybe it’s just exchanging silly gifs or YouTube vids over Facebook chat while one of you is traveling or maybe it’s an impromptu hang out sesh with a pint of ice cream and a Netflix binge. When you two get together you just know how to make your own fun regardless of what else is going on.
  1. You’re excited to see them grow. Over the years you’ve witnessed how they’ve faced challenges, overcome obstacles, and reached new goals. You completely believe in them and being able to be there to see them evolve in different ways over the years is such a great feeling.
  1. They complete you in ways no one else can. They fill in the spaces that would otherwise be empty if they weren’t in your life. The different qualities and traits you two exhibit create a perfect balance within your relationship. You can’t picture your life without them by your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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