17 Emotions Only Best Friends Will Understand


1. Seeing them for the first time in forever, wondering if it’s going to be weird at all, then being euphorically happy when you realize there was nothing at all to worry about – you two can pick up right where you left off and be just as weird and crazy as you two were before.

2. That gut instinct you feel when you just know something’s wrong with them even if they won’t admit it. You’re like, “Are you hungry? You’re probably just hungry. Let’s get you some food.” They get all annoyed, “Stop it. I’m fine” but secretly they are actually hungry.

3. Mild jealousy of your one random friend who texts your BFF while you’re together. Or really any human that interacts with them – that sense of irrational jealousy you get.

4. The sense that something’s missing when you haven’t heard from them in the usual amount of time you two talk. It’s been a few days and you’re like, “herrowwww? where have you been!? I miss youuuu.” You won’t feel right until you hear from them.

5. Finding one random thing so fucking hilarious and knowing nobody else will think it’s even funny at all. That’s why they’re your best friend – they just get you. And there’s no other feeling like it in the world.

6. Being mad at your best friend’s ex even if she swears she’s over it and is even “friends” with him now. Everytime you see him you get that hint of anger inside. You just can’t help it. She might forgive and forget but you never will.

7. That moment when your BFF says they’re gonna bring someone along to drinks but you’ve never met them so you get annoyed and slightly insecure you’re not going to like them. You’re like, “um ok, cool!” but you’re secretly wondering if this other person is going to ruin the flow you and your BFF usually have.

8. Browsing through a store and finding something you just know your BFF would love. You feel a DEEP and PASSIONATE impulse to buy this immediately and you can’t wait to see them open it.

9. The comfortable silence of being able to be together without having to say anything or entertain each other. You’re content by just being in their presence. You don’t need anyone or anything else in this moment.

10. That 30 second PANIC after a little fight where you spiral into: ‘we’re not going to be friends anymore.’

11. That OH MY GOD feeling when you see something you have to screencap and share like their fave celebrity’s new pic on Insta or some ridiculous message you just got from some random on Tinder.

12. That feeling of ‘I know something’s wrong and now I’m MORE WORRIED that you won’t tell me.’ You just know something big must have happened if they have a hard time opening up about it.

13. Meeting their significant other for the first time and hoping you truly like them. You’ve heard so many good things about this person and you’re excited to meet them finally but you’re nervous. You just want your friend to be happy.

14. Bickering just like an old married couple and not realizing you’re bickering. You know you two can have petty little fights about the most ridiculous things but it’s not going to change your bond.

15. That moment when you two are somewhere in public, getting drinks with other friends or at a party, and something totally hilarious/awkward/weird/!!!! happens and you know you can’t say anything out loud so you have to keep it in until you two can talk in the bathroom. Or you try to slyly text her. Either way it’s this feeling of ohmygodohmygodohmygod I can’t believe this just happened and I HAVE to talk to her about this AS SOON as we’re alone together.

16. The sense of longing you feel when you do something alone or with others that would be even more fun if your best friend were by your side. You think about the conversations you’d probably have, the silly pics you’d put on Insta. You can’t help it, you just want to do all of the things with your bestie.

17. The unconditional love you feel when you think about your best friend and can’t ever imagine living without them. You’ve been through so much together and made so many memories. You know no matter what you two will always be there for each other and that feeling is indescribable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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