17 Things You’ll Always Miss About Your Ex-Best Friend


1. All the promises you made together. The roadtrip you said you’d take someday. The celebratory shopping trip you’d take together after scoring your dream job. In the back of your head you still think about the things you said you’d do together someday and wonder how things would have turned out with your old partner in crime by your side.

2. Texting them when something major happens or you run into someone unexpected. Your sister does something totally ridiculous or you bump into an ex-boyfriend at the bar and the first impulse you have is to text your old best friend and be like, “OMG, you’re not going to believe who the hell I just ran into.”

3. Hearing all the details about their love life. The screenshots of tacky OK Cupid messages from random guys, the latest crush they were harboring serious feelings for, the guy they thought might finally be the one – you miss all the deets on their dating life.

4. Being involved in each other’s families. You became close with their family. You were on a first name basis with the ‘rents and they were like a second home to you. You still think about them from time to time and wonder how they are.

5. Knowing each other’s cycle.  Always having someone to stuff your face with chocolate and know when absolutely not to mess with you was seriously the best.

6. The routines you shared together. Between brunch at your favorite hole-in-the-wall breakfast diner on the weekends to Thursday night Gilmore Girls marathons you two had a routine that was seriously BELOVED.

7. Clothes swapping. If you two were the same size and shared a similar style it was always so much fun getting ready together to go out. You were always borrowing each other’s clothes and shoes.

8. Having someone you could do nothing with and still have fun. Whether you were both just lounging around the apartment finding funny YouTube clips to share or just sitting in silence together reading or observing the scenery on a road trip you two were comfortable with each other. You didn’t feel like you had to always entertain each other.

9. Inside jokes no one else will EVER be able to understand. You try and make those jokes now and your current friends might laugh along but you know they just don’t get it. You and your ex-bff basically had a secret language combined of inside jokes and random references.

10. Getting drunk and watching your favorite TV show reruns. Gossip Girl. 30 Rock. Some obscure documentary on Netflix. You didn’t really need anyone or anything else when you two could just make some cocktails at home and create your own fun.

11. Their social circle. Just like breaking up with someone, when you split ties with a best friend, sides are taken. Even if people promise they’ll stay friends with both of you it’s just never really the same when everyone would count on you both being there.

12. Finding something you know they would absolutely LOVE and not being able to get it for them. You knew their personal style better than anyone so when you’re out shopping and spot something you know only they would like it pulls at your heart a little bit.

13. Late night conversations about anything and everything. Sometimes you’d head to the 24 hour diner, order coffee, and spill about whatever was on your mind. Other times you’d deem the night a slumber party and spend hours into the night having conversations about the most random topics. These were the moments that defined your friendship.

14. Friend dates. When the rest of the world was going to shit or the latest guy you were into was getting on your nerves you could always count on your friend. You could text her and be like, “Ugh. I hate everyone. Drinks/dinner tonight?” and she would always be there. Friend dates could sometimes trump even the best first dates.

15. How weird and dysfunctional you could be with them and they were TOTALLY cool with it. You’d make a morbid joke or do something completely bizarre and they would join in with their own weirdness.

16. Being able to do things you’d never be able to with other friends. Picking off each other’s plate. Skyping at 2 a.m. when you’re traveling, bored, and need to talk. Cuddling on lazy days. Some friends you’re just not on this same level yet.

17. Having someone just fucking get you and your quirks cause you’ve known each other for so long. Sure, you can always make new friends but without the history there those friendships are just different. When someone’s known you, your family, your ups and downs, and all the little moments of life that have made you who you are it creates a special bond – the kind of bond that takes years to make. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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