17 Old-Fashioned Acts Of Chivalry That Need To Make A Comeback

If there is one thing every gentleman knows, it’s how to learn from the generations that came before him. The most talented among us can always take something classic and make it new and fresh. And there are certain acts of chivalry that — while a bit old fashioned — are just as romantic today as they were a few generations ago. In partnership with Stetson Caliber for their New Rules Of Chivalry, here are 17 old-fashioned acts of chivalry that need to make a comeback.

1. Call a woman to ask her on a date instead of texting. In a world of technology where we use screens to initiate most plans, calling a woman for a date not only adds an extra personal touch but also sets you apart from other men who only want to communicate over texting or social media.

2. Open doors for others, especially when you see someone injured, elderly, or carrying something heavy. This goes for car doors too. It’s appreciated when a man will walk over to the woman’s side of the car and open the door for her.

3. Walk a woman to her door after a date to make sure she gets home safely and don’t expect it go any further. Saying goodbye at the front door makes for a nice conclusion at the end of the great date but you shouldn’t expect sex just because you made the extra effort to know she’s safe.

4. Pull out a woman’s chair. This doesn’t have to happen every time but if it’s convenient, it adds a nice touch to a date.

5. Never make fun of a woman’s cocktail choice, regardless of the color. Don’t judge her based on what she drinks or laugh about how girly her beverage is if she doesn’t like craft beer or hard alcohol.

6. Offer her your jacket. If it’s chilly out, drape your jacket over her shoulders to warm her up. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

7. Compliment her. Telling a woman how beautiful she looks never goes out of style. Make your compliments genuine. Don’t just tell her she’s “hot.” Let her know how gorgeous she looks when you go on a date, tell her she’s beautiful when she isn’t wearing any makeup. Acknowledge when she does something different with her look or style.

8. Drop her off first if you have to park far away. If you’re having difficulty finding a nearby parking spot, offer to drop her off at the entrance before finding a parking spot.

9. Walk on the street-side of the sidewalk so a car driving through a puddle doesn’t splash her. This is a sign of protection and a simple yet effortless way to show her you care.

10. Send her flowers just because. Holidays or birthdays are a great time to receive flowers, of course, but sending flowers to a girl you care about just to let her know you’re thinking of her always makes her feel extra special.

11. When you’re picking a girl up for a date, actually go to the door and knock. Don’t just text her and say, “here.”

12. Leave little notes she’ll find later on. A simple, “Thinking of you” note left in the pocket of her coat or on her bedside table to find when she wakes up will instantly brighten her day.

13. If you’ve been waiting for her to get ready for a date stand when she enters the room, let her know you’ve been waiting for this moment and you’re excited to see how great she looks.

14. Stick to your promises whenever possible. If you tell her you’re going to call her at a certain time or you make plans to be at her apartment at 9 p.m., be on time. Showing up late or forgetting is disrespectful and shows how much of a priority she is to you.

15. Nice dates at restaurants are always appreciated but finding simple ways to spend time together is important too. Get coffee or tea and go on a walk together through a park. Offer to pick her up and take her to one of your favorite spots in the city. These little moments mean just as much as the grander gestures.

16. Ask her to dance. Even if you two are just hanging out in the middle of your apartment, put on some music and ask her to dance with you. If you’re at an event that has music, don’t be one of those guys who “doesn’t dance.”

17. Keep your eyes on her. Not at bar TV behind her. If a woman is spending time with you, make it count. Don’t get distracted by the other stimuli in the room. Be genuinely interested in her and what she has to say. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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