15 Signs You’re Ready To Put A Label On Your Relationship

Flickr // cycus
Flickr // cycus

1. You genuinely care about how their day went and text them either during the day or after work to see how they are and what’s new.

2. Whenever something comes up where you need a plus one they’re the first person you think of to go with you.

3. You don’t feel worried anymore about what anything means between you two. You no longer feel the need to be glued to your phone to get a text back or wonder if they’ll get a hold of you. You feel secure in what you have with them.

4. People ask you on dates or friends try and set you up with someone but you’re not interested.

5. And if you do go on the date just to “see what else is out there” the whole time you’re thinking about that special person in the back of your mind. Even if your date is perfectly nice, charming, and attractive they just don’t measure up.

6. You’ve dealt with a few issues already and worked through them easily. You both communicate well with each other and were able to get over disagreements fast.

7. You’ve told your parents or family about them and are proud to bring them up in conversation.

8. You haven’t logged into your online dating profile in forever. Just the thought of trying to date anyone else seems exhausting.

9. They casually said something about how they told their family and friends about you recently. They’re excited to talk about you.

10. They only keep getting more appealing to you. You haven’t found any red flags and the more time you spend with them, the better things get.

11. When you hear about a new movie coming up or listen to a new band you can’t wait to share it with them. When you watch TV or check out something new you start thinking about if they would also like it.

12. You do things for them just because you were thinking of them. You’re out at Starbucks and you pick up their favorite drink. You’re at the store and you text them to see if they need anything.  Doing these things for them make you feel good.

13. You can’t wait for them to meet all of your friends, if they already haven’t.

14. You consider them when making decisions and plans. When something comes up a couple months in advance you think about if they could come with you or how it might affect them.

15. The idea of committing to a relationship no longer scares you. You don’t even think the boyfriend/girlfriend label is a big deal anymore. You feel like you’ve found your person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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