49 Signs You’re Addicted To Reading

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Flickr – emilyonacloud

1. Books > people is your general outlook on life. People are cool but reading is your preferred social activity.

2. You know what a book hangover is and you have them frequently.

3. You plan whole afternoons around browsing bookstores.

4. If you go too long without buying or reading a book you feel a huge sense of withdrawal and are thinking of the next time you can get away to a bookstore or library.

5. You have trouble functioning at work or school sometimes because you stayed up late reading.

6. You’re constantly sharing your favorite book quotes on social media and have either a Pinterest board or Tumblr dedicated to these quotes.

7. You’re always looking forward to the weekend but mostly because you can’t wait to get 2 whole days for unadulterated alone time with a new book.

8. You carry a book with you at all times because you never know when you’ll have a spare minute to do some extra reading.

9. Your friends and family have stopped asking you what you want for Christmas or birthdays because they know you’ll always say books.

10. You take your book clubs seriously. If you show up and you haven’t read the book? GTFO.

11. When you go out to dinner you find yourself wanting to gush about a book you’re reading and the characters in the story. You’ve been spending so much time with them you feel like they’ve become a part of your life just as much as anyone else.

12. You don’t mind layovers so much because you know it’s a perfect time to get in extra reading.

13. When you travel you always bring as least two books because you’re not sure what kind of mood you’ll be in or what sort of story you’ll feel like reading.

14. And if you don’t have a Kindle you just sort of assume half of your luggage will be all books.

15. When someone talks smack about one of your favorite writers you instantly get defensive and suggest they try reading another work by them.

16. You legitimately don’t understand people who say they don’t read.

17. When the movie version of a book comes out you’ll go see it but you know there isn’t any way the movie could be better than the book.

18. And when you do see the movie you’re appalled at how much of the story they left out.

19. You feel as though your employer should just start forwarding your paychecks to your favorite bookstore in exchange for many must have reads.

20. One of your favorite things to do when arriving in a new city is to check out the local bookstores.

21. You actually have a bookstore bucket list of amazing bookstores around the world you absolutely want and need to visit before you die.

22. You’ve stopped lending books to friends because you know they just won’t care for the books in the way they should be cared for.

23. You don’t understand how people can be lonely when they have books.

24. You’ve skipped over entire meals or canceled plans just so you could finish a book.

25. You honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than reading a book and drinking coffee or tea.

26. You buy all your friends and family a book for Christmas.

27. You always check out the max amount of books you can at the library and get annoyed when someone asks you if you’ll actually be able to read all of those by the due date. Hello, do you even know me?

28. You have words from your favorite author or book tattooed on your body somewhere.

29. You buy more books even if you have a stack of books that haven’t been read yet.

30. And you feel sort of guilty that you haven’t read those books yet but you will! Someday!

31. Pretty much your entire apartment is filled with stacks of books.

32. You sort of hate when a book is 250 pages or under because you know you’ll just end up reading it within a day or two and will have to find something else to read when it’s finished.

33. But that’s okay because you always have at least a few emergency books you can choose from if you have nothing else to read.

34. Some of your wardrobe choices are influenced by your favorite characters.

35. Or you straight up own t-shirts and sweaters with covers of classic novels.

36. When people can’t find you they just assume you’re at a bookstore.

37. And if you’ve stopped answering texts for the night people know you’re probably just engrossed in a book.

38. Significant others have caught you weeping at 3 a.m. clutching a novel but they’ve learned not to be alarmed by it anymore.

39. You feel legitimate sadness when a book only has a couple chapters left. You don’t want to leave your characters yet.

40. You love seeing people in public with books and you’re always try and catch a peek at the title to see what they’re into.

41. When the ending of a book sucks you feel seriously betrayed by the author. I mean, how could they do this to me?

42. You think the only way you can truly get to know an old, used book is by smelling it. Ahh, old book smell.

43. When you find a used bookstore you get ridiculously excited. The level of excitement can sometimes trump excitement over other awesome things like pizza places, icecream shops, etc. Your enthusiasm for used bookstores knows no bounds.

44. You take it personally when you recommend a book to a friend and 6 months later they still haven’t read it. What are they even waiting for?

45. Or even worse when you buy a book for someone and they don’t read it. How are we supposed to bond over our favorite passages!?

46. You wake up in the morning thinking about the characters in a book and wondering what will happen.

47. You own a variety of different editions of your favorite book. If you see it in a foreign bookstore or with a new cover you can’t help but want it for your collection.

48. You’ve yelled at a book in public.

49. Most of your Instagram photos are of stacks of books next to a cup of coffee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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