14 Signs You’re Bored With Your Relationship


1. You can’t remember the last time you two did something adventurous together. When was the last time you took a weekend away or tried something new together?

2. When you go out either alone or with friends you see better dating potentials everywhere.

3. You’re constantly reminiscing on better times or bringing up the past from when you two were first falling in love. Everything from before seems better than it is now and you wish you could get back to that time.

4. You’ve both let your daily schedules get the best of you. You come home at the same time, go to the same brunch spot every weekend, and keep the same schedule day in and day out. You’ve forgotten how to be spontaneous.

5. You have a gut feeling deep inside this person probably isn’t someone you’ll be with long term or you have a feeling you’re not in the right relationship. If you have to ask yourself if the relationship is right, chances are you already know the answer.

6. You miss being single and envy your single friends. It always seems like they’re having so much more fun without you.

7. The sex isn’t as great as it used to be. Either you or your partner don’t seem to find any interest in spicing it up at the moment and you’re not sure if you even really care anymore to try and put in more effort.

8. You don’t feel bad about canceling dates and sort of feel relieved when they get too busy to spend time with you.

9. You avoid talking about the future. Whereas you once loved dreaming with them about the kind of city you might move to together or just talking about trips you’d like to go on in the next few months, you’re not really interested in making those kinds of tentative plans anymore.

10. You get into arguments for stupid reasons and find yourself becoming annoyed or irritated at minor things they say or do. You think maybe you’re just having a bad week or a bad day but no, pretty much everything about them can be found annoying now.

11. You don’t care about impressing them anymore. It’s not that you’ve given up, it’s just that putting in the extra effort to look more attractive around them just seems like a waste of time.

12. Your friends ask you about them and you don’t really have anything to say. You’re no longer enthused to talk about them or the things you’ve been doing together.

13. Things you once loved about them have now become huge liabilities. When you started dating their quirky traits were adorable but now you find them to be major personality flaws. You’ve even thought back to the first few months of dating and wondered how you didn’t catch those red flags.

14. You’ve started thinking more about what you might like to do if you weren’t attached. You think about finally taking that trip across Europe you wanted to do or a project you’d like to work on if you had more time. You start considering how many more things you could do if you didn’t have to worry about a relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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