13 Problems Naturally Skinny People Are Tired Of Dealing With

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Flickr – paperstar

1. Being told real women have curves.

This is annoying. “Real” women come in all shapes and sizes. Some women are born with curves and they’re beautiful. Others? They might not have curves but they’re still beautiful. Regardless, let’s get over what “real” women should look like and stop feeding into this cultural idea that there’s any one universal beauty standard we should adhere to.

2. Feeling like you can’t be truthful about how you feel about your body.

Sometimes people just assume if you’re naturally skinny then you must, of course, always feel 100% happy and content with your body and that even being slightly unhappy with how you look can’t possibly be a thing for you. And if you voice your complaints about cellulite or other things we all hate dealing with people dismiss your feelings.

3. Servers assuming you want the smaller portion at a restaurant just because of your size.

Actually, I do want the full order, thankyouverymuch. And yes, all of this food is just for me, don’t judge me.

4. People asking if you ever eat.

We’re skinny, not sick! Just like any other human we’re not immune to the powers of deliciously cheesy slices of pizza or warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. We eat, just like anyone else, so stop asking.

5. Old people telling you if you don’t eat something you’re going to blow away.

This is so weird…as if a wind gust of epic proportion is going to come swooping in all of a sudden.

6. People putting too much food on your plate, even though you say won’t be able to eat that much, then making comments after you eat about how they can’t believe you didn’t eat it all.

We literally just told you we wouldn’t be able to eat all of this food so now why are you surprised when there’s half of it left on the plate?

7. Being told you eat like a bird and that you can’t possibly be full from the amount you ate.

Why does anyone have to defend and justify their fullness? Assume if someone is still hungry they’ll keep eating and if they’ve had enough, they’re able to make that decision for themselves.

8. Or the opposite – when people don’t understand how someone so small could eat so much food at once.

Never underestimate the power of a skinny person’s stomach.

9. In general, not being able to win regardless of what you eat in front of other people.

If you don’t eat a lot people have something to say, if you eat a ton people have something to say. People always want to comment on your portion sizes. You can’t win either way.

10. People dismissing you when you say you need/want to work out and telling you how “lucky” you are to be skinny.

Skinny does not necessarily equal being in shape or being healthy. You can be naturally skinny and still want to live a healthy lifestyle or get in better shape.

11. People making jokes about you having an eating disorder.

Yeahhh. This isn’t funny. At all.

12. Hearing someone joke that you “might be skinny now but you’ll get fat after you have kids” then smugly laughing about it. 

This is basically the equivalent of telling someone, “Hey! You’re attractive now but man, I can’t wait til you get older and look like shit!!” Why would you say these things to someone at all? Just stop.

13.  People telling you you look like a string bean, a twig, or other random skinny, ugly thing.

Being compared to looking like a vegetable or a twig is generally uncool. No one wants to look like or be compared to any of those things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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