19 Signs You Grew Up In The Country

1. You know nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a drink from the water hose.

2. Your parents never locked the doors.

3. You learned how to drive a tractor long before you ever knew how to drive a car.

4. You had chores to do before school – either fetching the eggs from the chicken coop, cleaning stalls, or other duties.

5. You regularly rode your bike down the middle of the road because there were never any cars coming.

6. Summer nights meant staying up late with your family to tell stories around a bonfire or to catch fire flies.

7. Your parents bought their jeans at Tractor Supply Co.

image - Flickr / Ferian-pz
image – Flickr / Ferian-pz

8. The smell of animal manure oddly makes you feel nostalgic.

9. You measure distance not by miles but by hours or saying it’s “up the road a ways.”

10. One of your favorite activities as a kid was wading in the creek catching frogs and minnows.

11. Your first concert was at a county fair.

12. Your idea of a fun time was digging up worms then going fishing with your dad at your pond or a nearby lake.

13. You were essentially barefoot the entire summer every summer.

14. Going “into town” was always a big deal, especially in the winter.

image - Flickr / Sean MacEntee
image – Flickr / Sean MacEntee

15. You always had a variety of pets ranging from different farm animals to cats or dogs other people would drop off on your land.

16. You were in 4-H.

17. Shooting cans was just a regular way to pass the time.

18. You ate venison almost as often as any other meat.

19. Your friends were determined by how close they lived to you. If there was anyone your age that lived nearby you were immediately best friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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