23 Incredible Reasons Taco Bell Is Better Than Having A Significant Other

1. Relationships are only temporary but Taco Bell is for forever.

Lee Bennett
Lee Bennett

2. Taco Bell always welcomes you with open arms and never judges you when you show up drunk.

3. Taco Bell knows the economy sucks and is always coming up with ways to save you money.

4. You can never say Taco Bell isn’t adventurous.


5. Taco Bell is endlessly creative and knows how to spice things up in ways you never could imagine.

6. Hanging out with Taco Bell is acceptable anytime, day or night, and it will never think you’re creepy if you show up multiple times within a 24 hour period.

7. You never get tired of Taco Bell’s sense of humor.


8. Home is wherever you’re with Taco Bell.

9. Taco Bell is the life of any party.

10. You actually don’t mind Taco Bell’s flair for interior design.


11. Your friends likely became close with Taco Bell years ago so you never have to worry if Taco Bell doesn’t mesh with your group.

12. Taco Bell will never judge you if you order the cheapest thing on the menu.

13. Taco Bell has no problem helping you become a little bit more bilingual.

14. Taco Bell knows how hard you work and has no problem having a fourth meal ready for you on those nights you have to stay up late.

BLW Photography
BLW Photography

15. Just when you think you’ve settled into a mundane routine with Taco Bell it shakes things up and adds something new.

16. Taco Bell constantly impresses you with its endlessly witty tweets.

17. Taco Bell is pretty laidback and doesn’t think you’re being a creeper by looking up its location at 3 in the morning.

18. You’re never embarrassed to twerk for Taco Bell.

19. Being smothered is usually a bad thing but Taco Bell makes being smothered taste so so good. #smotheredburrito

20. Taco Bell always looks beautiful.


21. At this point in your life the only three little words you want to hear are: Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

22. You never have to worry about having chemistry with Taco Bell. You already like everything it does.


23. The only struggle you have with Taco Bell is the fact you can’t get married. Yet. TC mark


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