One Day You'll Find Yourself In Someone Else

One Day You’ll Find Yourself In Someone Else

One day, you will encounter someone who is unlike anyone else. The first time you lay eyes upon one another, you will feel like you have known them for years, decades, lifetimes before. You will feel seen as you have never been seen before; you will feel it tingle down your spine, you will feel it in every fiber of your bones.

To meet your mirror is to feel as though you’ve met yourself residing in another human. As they love you, they will reflect back to you all of the brilliant things you have been failing to celebrate about yourself. As you love them, they will shine light upon your most wicked shadows; the dark places within you that you have been fighting to ignore.

They will show you things that enlighten you and uplift you; they will also show you things that anger you and enrage you. Do not shatter the glass when you don’t like what you see. Do not turn away to avoid looking yourself in the eye. This is how you learn.

To find yourself in another person is one of the rarest and most transformational gifts you will ever receive. Treasure them and handle them with care; they will show you the answers you have been seeking. They will show you the way.

Author of Evergreen, a poetry collection that explores personal growth through light and darkness.

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