What It Means To Be A Real Free Spirit

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Flickr/amanda tipton

Here’s a loose dictionary definition of a Free Spirit: A person who doesn’t conform to society. S/he does her own thing and doesn’t care what you think.

The Real Free Spirit Doesn’t Know He/She is a Free Spirit

There are no trends to follow. Saying that you’re a free spirit makes it a “trend”. Wearing clothing from Urban Outfitters or Brandy Melville or something else that’s popular now makes this way of life a sub culture in society. It doesn’t make you a free spirit. It makes you a knock off. A free spirit cares about the right things. And it’s not clothing or what you are doing on Friday night.

A Real Free Spirit Thinks for Him/Herself

It’s not called being selfish. It’s called being independent and doing things because you want to do them. This is how you want to live your life, not because you WANT to be a free spirit so, you pretend to be like this. They wear simple clothing and lots of flowers in their hair, or none at all because they want to. Not because Free People portrays their models like that in their magazines.

A Real Free Spirit Loves Unconditionally

If they believe that you are the one, no matter how much you hurt them, they will forgive you and come back to you. Forgiving and forgetting is important. They will never try to change you. If you are a flake, and they love you. They will ALWAYS love you. Love is love.

A Real Free Spirit Will Let It Go If It’s Not Worth Their Time

Contrary to popular belief, free spirits worry. They worry a lot. But not about grades, money, or life. They worry about what they believe in. If they feel strongly about politics or another’s happiness, they will worry and worry and worry. But when the time comes, they will let it go and move on. They don’t pick fights with you to get their way.

A Real Spirit Is Just Like Everyone Else

A real spirit doesn’t always know what s/he is doing in life. They just try to be optimistic about it. A real free spirit pays his/her bills, eats like a regular person, gets drunk sometimes, wants to get married, gets a college degree, and uses the internet. Whoever said free spirits don’t use the internet and is in love with nature, is wrong. They can love nature, but it’s not a prerequisite. A real spirit will have mental breakdowns and cry when they are sad. Yes, free spirits have feelings.

A Real Free Spirit Doesn’t Mind Being Alone

A real free spirit doesn’t mind being alone. They don’t mind sitting at home on a Saturday night and just reading a book. They don’t mind being single. They don’t mind being in a relationship. They don’t mind not having friends to hangout with. They are very mellow about it and doesn’t let their relationships with others define them. In fact, they don’t really let anything define them.

If You Try to Change a Free Spirit, They Will Get Scared and Leave

Coming on too strong, forcing change, or telling a real free spirit you don’t love or care about them anymore will break them. Because they will always love you no matter what, if you trick them, cheat them, lose their trust, or don’t forgive, you will scare them off.

A Real Free Spirit Doesn’t Live In The Past Or The Future

A real spirit lives in the present. They save their money, yet they enjoy every single day of their life no matter how shitty. Because they are able to love every day, they are able to spread this vibe to others without trying. It’s all in the way of thinking. They don’t try to do this, it just happens.

A Real Spirit Will Not Change For You

You will never be able to change a real free spirit. They do things at their own pace. If you can’t hang, you can’t hang. You won’t be able to weasel yourself into a real free spirit’s life, because they will see right through it.

But Most of All, A Real Free Spirit Lives Life Like Someone Who Hasn’t Sold Their Soul to The Devil Yet

They try everything, have lots of good and bad experiences, and picks the good things in life to linger on. They smell all the flowers, not just the roses. They give everybody a chance. They don’t mind judgment, if it makes them a better person. They don’t just love. They love unconditionally. They don’t mind if people drift away or stay. But most of all, they live their life knowing that they might not make it to 70 before they die. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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