What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Been Cheated On


It means she’ll ask a lot of questions.

She’s experienced the worst kind of pain anyone can feel. The kind that results from seeing someone whom you care so deeply about give 100 percent of their love and attention to someone else. This has left her feeling hurt, betrayed, worthless, and there was very little she could do about it. Don’t get annoyed if she constantly wants to know where you’re going, who you’re talking to, or who you just added on Facebook; she just wants to try to avoid going through that kind of pain again. You’ll need to learn not take them personally and answer them honestly. And after a while, you’ll see that she’ll begin to trust you more and ask less questions.

It means the sex may suck at first.

She’s going to take things as slowly as possible. She’ll wait for you to call her, to plan dates and might not even let you kiss her before the third date. She’ll want to know if you’re really worth her time. She’s testing you to see if you truly want to be with her because you actually value who she is. It may take a while before she fully opens up to you. The first few times you get intimate may feel awkward because she’s desperately hoping you aren’t just going take off after. Give her a bit of time to warm up to the idea of starting fresh and show her that you are worth her time.

It means you may have to listen stories about her ex.

She may still be haunted by what’s happened in the past. Things ended for reasons beyond her control, and she might even still miss him. Even if the idea of hearing the details makes you sick in the stomach, let her talk about it; you’ll understand how she feels and why she does certain things. Plus, it will allow her to feel less insecure around you.

It means you’ll be under her “cheat radar” watch for a while.

Heartbreaks suck. There’s no way in the world she’ll put up with another one, so expect her “red flag” radar to constantly be scanning for anything that would make you seem like “one of them.” She can spot a cheater from a mile away, and isn’t afraid to pry for proof. But don’t worry – her need to monitor your actions will fade once you show her that the past is the past, and that the future will be amazing.

It means you’ll have to tone down your wandering eye.
She may not be the jealous type at all, but if you keep complimenting other women on their looks and talk about your female friends and coworkers all the time, she may assume you’re thinking of leaving her. She won’t buy the “it’s just harmless flirting” excuse, because “harmless” flirting has already shattered her heart to pieces.

It means better communication.

She had someone leave her without telling her why. He went behind her back to find some kind of fulfillment that they weren’t getting from her. She’s probably still hung up on the fact that she didn’t sense his unhappiness sooner. She’ll definitely make the effort to communicate and make sure you always feel like you’re important to her. Show her that you’ll do the same and never hide anything from her; call her every day, text her good morning, and answer her messages in a timely way. Your relationship could go a long way.

It means your social life will become more active.

Her friends were there when she got backstabbed and saw her at her worst. So of course, they never want to see anyone hurt her like that again. She’ll plan outings so that every single one of her friends can meet you, and let her know if they can sense any red flags. She’ll also want to meet all your friends, because who you hang out with is usually an indication of what kind of person you are.

It means you’ll get to have some alone time.

She may still be recovering from the pain and shock of someone just dropping her and destroying her like a burnt cigarette, that she values her alone time doing hobbies and spending time with girlfriends. She’ll gladly let you make time for your friends and activities, as long as you don’t abuse it and go off partying without her every day.

It means more affection.

After being with someone who has possibly tried to hide the fact he was in a relationship so that he could “wander” around, she’ll subtly show you how much you mean to her all the time. She’ll take your hand when you least expect it and hug you from behind when you’re not looking. She’ll need to know that you’re not afraid to show the world that you’re happy to be with her, so don’t be afraid to give some extra PDA.

It means she’ll fight for you.

She will never take your love for granted and will always be your number one supporter. She would hate to see you hurt in any way and would do anything to put a smile on your face.

It just means you’re a hell of a lucky person.

It may take a bit of effort at first, but in the end it will be worth more than anything else. You will never have to worry about being cheated on, because she wouldn’t want to put anyone through that kind of torturous pain. You’ve gotten her to forget about her insecurities, trust again, and give love a chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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