How You Know You’ve Absolutely Found The One, Based On Your Love Language

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Words of Affirmation

You know you’ve absolutely found the one when you don’t doubt their feelings for you for a second. The anxiety and uncertainty you’ve felt in previous relationships is long gone, because you’re finally with the person who’s not afraid of their own feelings for you. There’s no more stressing out about certain texts or words spoken and what they might possibly mean, because your partner is not afraid to consistently tell you how much they love you and how much you matter to them.

And not only do they always make sure to say I love you (because they know how much it matters to you), but they’re always consciously saying thank you when you’ve done something nice for them, or they’re reminding you how much they appreciate you, or they’re telling you that they love that blue sweater every time you put it on. You’re with someone who can read you so well, who makes you feel cared about and understood, and who can soothe your worry or unease with just a few reassuring words.

Quality Time

You know you’ve absolutely found the one when you don’t feel like you have to earn their attention or prove yourself as worthy of their time. They just want to be around you because they love you – not because you can do something for them, not because they can get some specific benefit from you, but simply because they care about you and they get so much joy from the two of you being together.

You’ve finally found someone who just wants to put their phone away, be present, and truly enjoy every second of laughter, silliness, and true belonging that the two of you find from being together.

Receiving Gifts

You know you’ve absolutely found the one when you’re with someone who finds little, simple ways to make you feel more loved and cherished than you’ve ever felt in your life. They definitely know you well enough to pick out the perfect gift for your birthday, the holidays, or just a spur-of-the-moment surprise. But they also make you feel so special and so joyful from the consistent, little things they give you to show you they love you – bringing home your favorite bottle of wine after you told them you had a bad day, finding a coffee mug that has something you love on it and giving it to you for no reason, picking up a ridiculously stupid souvenir after a business trip just to make you laugh.

You know they’re the right one for you because they truly pay attention to what matters to you, what’s special to you, and what makes you happy. The gifts themselves are always sweet, exciting surprises. But the feeling of someone truly caring about you, thinking about you, and wanting to make you happy – that is the reason why they’re the right one who brings you so much joy.

Acts of Service

You know you’ve absolutely found the one when they finally show you with their actions that they love you, instead of merely saying it. They know how important showing up and keeping one’s word is to you, and they’re constantly finding ways to let you know how much you mean to them. Whether it’s something as small as clearing the ice off your windshield in the winter just to make your day a little better, or as big as picking up their life and moving across the country for you, they truly care about you and want to show you in any way they can that you are their number one priority.

You know they’re your person because they’re always looking out for you, they’re always trying to find ways (both big and small) to support you, and they’re willing to do anything possible if they know it will make your day just a little bit better – because they want you to feel loved, and they know that’s the fastest way to make you feel truly cherished and cared for.

Physical Touch

You know you’ve absolutely found the one when you are with a person who makes you feel more connected, warm, loved, and less alone than you’ve ever felt before. It’s not only that they hug you a lot or that they’re always reaching for your hand – it’s that they hug you differently and hold your hand differently than anyone else you’ve ever been with. It’s never absentminded, it’s never empty – it’s always a loving touch that’s present, meaningful, and warm. They understand how much physical touch means to you in a relationship, and they are always looking for ways to physically express to you that they are here for you, that they care about you, and that you’re safe with them.

You know they’re the right person for you because your sense of belonging, well-being, and happiness is their top priority – whether they have no issues with PDA or they’re slightly more shy when it comes to expressing their love physically for you in front of other people, they still find little ways to make you feel loved and cherished, whether it’s a discreet arm around your waist or a five-minute hug in the middle of a crowded train station. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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