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18 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Becoming A Better And Stronger Person

1. You try to attack your problems at the root, instead of just putting a bandaid over the symptoms.

2. You’ve become very good at making sure you apologize for your mistakes, even though you really, really don’t like apologizing.

3. You spend more time asking questions than you do talking about yourself.

4. You’ve stopped spending time around people who only bring you down or people who make you a more toxic person.

5. You are constantly trying to be as self-aware as possible, even if that means addressing things about yourself that you don’t like or that you feel insecure about.

6. You tell your friends the truth, even when it’s the more difficult or awkward thing to say.

7. You are polite and decent to people, even when they really don’t deserve it.

8. You make a conscious effort to actively and pointedly change the subject when people are talking poorly about someone.

9. You straight up tell people when they’ve upset you or hurt you, instead of dropping hints or just hoping they’ll figure it out.

10. You aren’t afraid to ask for help when you need it.

11. You know when you truly deserve something, but you also know that you’re not entitled to whatever you want.

12. You are open about your flaws.

13. And you try to get a little bit better and work on them just a little bit more – every single day.

14. You don’t apologize for being yourself and doing what’s healthiest and best for you.

15. You’re a little more specific and particular about your friends at this point in your life – meaning you only put effort into the friendships where you feel challenged to be a better person, where your friends always meet you halfway, and where you feel like you have the freedom and acceptance to truly be yourself.

16. And you do the same thing with your romantic relationships.

17. You make a very conscious effort to be a good friend, even when it’s inconvenient or challenging.

18. You are not afraid of sadness, anxiety, uncertainty, depression, self-doubt, or insecurity. You do not try to avoid these things or suppress them or hide them. You look them in the face and you don’t feel ashamed and you ask for help and you figure out how to deal with them, even if that means just taking it one tiny, tiny, tiny step at a time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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