23 Tiny Little Things About A Person You Can Fall In Love With

1. The way they get really silly and giddy when they’re reunited with an old friend.

2. The goofy way they sleep.

3. When you catch them doing something kind for someone else, without them knowing you were even watching.

4. The fact that they always remember your favorite beer or wine.

5. The way that being around them doesn’t exhaust you in the slightest.

6. …because when you’re with them, you never feel like you have to force small talk. The conversation and the energy is just simple, peaceful, and easy.

7. The fact that you can kind of hear their voice in your head when you’re reading a text from them, from sound to delivery to level of sarcasm.

8. The way they pronounce certain words.

9. The advice they give to you, and how it always helps.

10. All of their silly little catch phrases.

11. And the fact that you find yourself suddenly using the catchphrases too, without even meaning to.

12. The way they treat their mom or dad.

13. The new foods and/or drinks they’ve introduced to you that you’ve grown to love.

14. The fact that they make you feel comfortable enough to spend long periods of time together in peaceful and relaxed silence.

15. Their energy, and how it makes you feel calm and safe.

16. The way that they remember exactly how you like your coffee.

17. The sense of nervousness they get when they’re working on something that they really care about.

18. The unintentional face they make when they find someone annoying or obnoxious.

19. The stories they tell you about what they were like as a kid.

20. …and how you can totally picture them at age four or nine or fifteen.

21. The fact that hanging out in the same room with them is fun even when you’re not talking to each other.

22. The way that certain songs will always belong to them now – because they played it for you one time or because you heard it a lot when you were first falling for them or because there’s a line in there that is so eerily perfect for the way you feel about them.

23. The fact that they make you feel like you’ve found someone who just gets you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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