16 People Share The ‘Small’ Thing That Is Actually A HUGE Red Flag That They Won’t Like Someone

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1. “Only ever talks about herself and is completely unaware that she does it.”

–Justin, 26

2. “Saying that he’s unemployed but that he has ‘a lot of other stuff in the works.’”

–Amber, 28

3. “Sending more than 3 texts in a row without me answering.”

–Zachary, 24

4. “If he gets weirdly competitive about stuff. Like, if he has a total meltdown when he loses at cornhole during a barbecue or something.”

–Rebeccah, 25

5. “Talking to your mom on the phone 5 times a day.”

–Michael, 30

6. “If he throws an insult or a frustration out there but then always goes ‘I’m just kidding I’m just kidding.’ Like, if you’re going to say something, own up to your shit.”

–Rachel, 24

7. “Picking fights in front of our friends, especially if it’s done passive-aggressively.”

–Erik, 27

8. “Totally fine if she’s religious, and I even think it’s a great thing, but I’m not okay with it if she tries to force me to follow the exact same beliefs that she does.”

–Austin, 31

9. “Saying ‘bro’ with every other word.”

–Tay, 23

10. “If she talks to me about someone and says really awful things, but then I see her acting really kind to that person’s face, that’s a number one red flag to me. That will never end well. And how can I believe her when she’s being kind to me?”

–Jon, 24

11. “When I can tell that he’s not actually listening to me and is just waiting for me to be done so he can talk.”

–Lindsey, 29

12. “Being manipulative.”

–Christian, 28

13. “If his parents still pay for things for him. If you’re not paying your own car insurance and your own phone bill, I’m out. Not in the mood to date a Peter Pan.”

–Jasmine, 27

14. “If she can’t give me a compliment without also needing to passive aggressively put me down in some way too.”

–Marc, 26

15. “If he wants me to hang out with his friends and his family all the time but will never make the effort to spend time with people who matter to me – like if he can’t grasp that I have a life and I have family and friends outside of him and his world.”

–Laura, 29

16. “If she is rude to waiters, flight attendants, sales clerks, etc.”

–Cameron, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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