12 Men Share The Non-Physical Attribute That First Attracted Them To Their Girlfriend

1. “The fact that whatever end of the table she was at or whatever corner of the room she was in was always the most fun place to be. She’s just really fun and silly and infectious.” – Travis, 24

2. “Every time she told a story, she ended up with the attention of the whole room without even trying. It was never show-boaty, she was just so funny and articulate.”– Steven, 28

3. “I could just tell she was very genuine right from the start. She just had a very comforting and real vibe about her.” – Markus, 31

4. “The way she held a conversation. Smart, quick, good advice, asking interesting questions instead of bullshit ones – just a really memorable person.” – Cory, 23

5. “I felt like she was very up front and open about who she was and seemed completely unintimidated and like she really had her life together. I not only felt attracted to her, I also just looked up to her.” – Seth, 28

6. “The way she made unflinching eye contact with me and held it so confidently.”– Christopher, 27

7. “She was very intelligent. The kind of ‘intelligent’ where you wanna be around the person all the time because they’re fascinating and you wanna learn from them.”– Joel, 24

8. “It was the way she spoke: really confident and steady and fluid almost.” –Caleb, 25

9. “She’s a very magnetic and likable person, so she was always at ease during parties or social situations and she never had to try very hard. But what I instantly loved about her was that she would always subtly seek out the person who was clearly shy or feeling uncomfortable and she’d instantly make them feel right at home.” – Kenneth, 32

10. “I could tell she was really close with her family and that she really prioritized that in her life, and I’m the same way with my family, so that was an instant attraction for me.” – Erik, 26

11. “Her compassion for absolutely everybody.”– Blake, 33

12. “The fact that whenever I was around her, I felt totally myself – I was excited to be around her but I still felt at ease at the same time. She has that effect on almost everybody I think.” –Peter, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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