17 One-Sentence Reminders To Comfort Yourself On An ‘I Suck’ Kind Of Day

Noël Alva

1. Think about how your life would feel if you had absolutely no challenges or no problems whatsoever: it might be incredibly lovely for a little while, but over time, you would have no goals, no dreams, nothing to work towards, nothing to improve on – your life would eventually become painfully mundane.

2. As humans, we’re used to problems; we’re wired to deal with them, and even though you feel completely in over your head, you will eventually come out on the other side.

3. Trying is always so much better than giving in to your fear and just sitting on the sidelines.

4. This is especially true if you fail – because at least you failed while being brave enough to put yourself out there.

5. There is a difference between acknowledging your self-doubts and anxieties versus being overcritical and completely beating yourself up.

6. Meaning that you’re allowed to analyze your choices, fix your mistakes, and learn how to grow from this, but you are not allowed to treat yourself as if you’re worthless simply because you’re having a rough go of it.

7. Most likely, you won’t even remember this sucky day in five years, or even one year, or maybe even in a month from now.

8. What you will remember is how you let these days shape you over time – you will either let them turn you into someone who wallows and complains, or someone who keeps getting back up no matter how tired or discouraged you feel.

9. Don’t forget that the people who love you love you for a reason; it’s not because you’re flawless or perfect – it’s because you’re you and they love you for all the parts of you, even the parts that contain the uncertainties and insecurities you’re feeling right now.

10. Just because today was shit doesn’t mean that tomorrow can’t be the tiniest bit better.

11. Even the most successful, envied, and admired people in the world have these kinds of days – because everyone. is. human and a huge part of being human is being incredibly imperfect.

12. Your job right now isn’t to fix every problem you’re being faced with (that’s impossible).

13. Your job right now is to keep working hard, to keep showing up, to ask for support if you need it, to keep learning, to keep trying, and to refuse to give in to your own fear of failure or inadequacy.

14. Nobody is exempt from feeling insecure or disheartened sometimes.

15. What makes you impressive is not by any means your lack of fear or self-doubt (because those things are unavoidable – what makes you impressive is how you handle adversity.

16. People experiencing challenges are experiencing those challenges because they’re out in the world living and trying and doing things; the only way you’d be free from challenges is if you were sitting on your couch and letting life pass you by.

17. In some time from now, you will probably like yourself even more for what you went through – not because you sailed through it perfectly, but because you were tough and you stayed resilient and you kept going, no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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