9 Reasons Why People Who Filter Their Feeds Are The Happiest People Around

Thanks to technology, it feels like we have everything right at our fingertips. We have such easy access to so many things, that it’s easy to feel oversaturated and overstimulated with information, especially online. That’s why it’s important to celebrate the people who have mastered the art of the Filtered Life. Those who have learned how to sift through the negative and the excessive to focus on what matters in life – friendship, love, and true connections. So, in partnership with Brita, here are 9 reasons why people who filter their newsfeeds are always the happiest people to be around.


1. They’re able to truly appreciate the really wonderful aspect of social media – keeping up with the people you care about most. 

When all the unnecessary distractions are removed, your newsfeed simply becomes a place where you can read things that make you laugh, hear about how your friends and family are doing all over the country and world, share your adventures, reminisce over old photos, and simply enjoy the feeling of hearing about the people who are most important to you.


2. Their feeds are only filled with loved ones. 

 There’s nothing necessarily wrong with having Karen Who You Met That One Time At A Business Conference show up in your newsfeed. But the more people like this that fill up your feed, the less room you have for the people who you actually have meaningful relationships with. People who filter their feeds are less burdened with mindlessly scrolling through photos and updates of people they barely know, and instead get to enjoy the wonderful experience of seeing photo after photo and post after post of their closest friends and family.


3. They don’t use social media as the measuring point for their happiness. 

 When social media is very consciously chosen as a way to stay in touch with people and to simply have fun, it is way easier not to overthink it or obsess about it. Rather than feeling forced to use it as a reference point for their success and happiness, people who filter their feeds simply take social media at face value and don’t worry about trying to maintain a certain standard online.


4. They nourish their brains with the things that they want to see. 

Whether it’s funny photos, their favorite writers, helpful recipes, or interesting articles on subjects that they care about, these types of people understand how much enjoyment and knowledge can come from seeking out the things that matter to you.


5. They don’t end up feeling inadequate by comparing themselves to people that they don’t even know that well (or at all) in real life. 

It’s practically impossible not to compare our lives to everyone else’s on social media. Studies have even shown that if you’re predisposed to anxiety, social media can be the tipping point to make people feel even more “insecure and more overwhelmed.” But when your feed is filtered to only contain the information of people and things that you care about, it’s easier to remember that although your friend from college looks like she’s having a great time on vacation, you also know that she’s been through her fair share of struggles just like everyone else. It’s an excellent way to remember that nobody’s life is perfect, and that social media should just be used for fun, not to measure and compare.


6. They live in the moment. 

 Although they love catching up with friends and family and seeing what’s new, they’d much rather do it in person than online. They have a much stronger focus on staying present and focusing their energy on the person or thing in front of them, which is a much easier way to feel connected to the world around them. And in a day and age where research has shown a link between heavy social media usage and depression, it’s quite a feat to be able to take social media with a grain of salt and to understand the benefits of it without letting it take over your life.

7. They’re focused on simplicity. 

 They believe that less is more, and they understand the amount of freedom that comes from appreciating the little things in life.

8. They can look at social media objectively. 

 When you filter your feed, you also tend to look at social media more consciously. You take it with a grain of salt. It makes it easier to remember that everyone filters their life online through rose-colored lenses, and people only tend to share the good stuff.

9. They know how to connect with you in real life. 

They love texts and likes and shares as much as the next person, but nothing brings them more joy than the simple experience of sitting next to someone, looking them in the eye, and feeling truly connected. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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