12 People On The Most Savage Thing They Ever Said After Running Into An Ex


1. “He was talking about being hungover after drinking with all his ‘bros’ the night before and I said, ‘Oh, you’re still doing that whole thing? That’s cute.’”

–Marianne, 26

2. “She asked if I had time for a drink to catch up. I said, ‘Sorry, I have a date, have a good night!”

–Sheldon, 28

3. “He asked if I still lived in my same apartment, and I said, ‘No, I bought my own condo and my boyfriend just moved in.”

–Lacie, 31

4. “She was bragging about something that I truly wasn’t aware of because I honestly stopped looking at her social media. And then she said something along the lines of ‘I’m sure you saw that though.’ And I said, ‘Nah I didn’t, but cool, good for you’ and wasn’t at all sarcastic when I said it. And by the look on her face, I know she really knew I was being genuine. She looked really annoyed. Then I said ‘Good to see you’ and walked away.”

–Anthony, 25

5. “He said ‘wow you look great!’ and I said ‘You look the same.’”

–Kelley, 23

6. “Oh, I didn’t realize you still lived here.”

–Jacqui, 30

7. “We used to be coworkers, but he moved to Minneapolis and it was an ugly breakup. So he was back in town and we ran into each other at a work event. He asked if I wanted to grab a beer after and I just said, ‘Nah that’s okay’ and didn’t even give a reason or an excuse. It was hilarious and perfect. His face when I said that still makes me laugh and feel great when I think about it.”

–Annie, 27

8. [After he cheated on me and then got cheated on by the girl he left me for] “Sorry to hear Mel cheated on you. It sucks.”

–Ryanne, 24

9. “Everything okay? You look really tired.”

–Nick, 26

10. “He was going on and on about his new girlfriend just to piss me off, so I said, “It’s sweet of her to not care that you always text me when you’re drunk and tell me you miss me.’”

–Alice, 22

11. “Not something I said, but, I ran into him at a coffee shop and he was telling this super braggy, douchey story and I was exhausted from working late the night before and unintentionally let out this huge yawn in the middle of his story. It was so real and so great and I looked right in his eyes when I did it.”

–Marie, 28

12. “She told me she had lost fifteen pounds and without meaning to I just looked at her and said ‘Oh’ and was visibly surprised, because it definitely did not look like that. Before you judge me for being an asshole, she left me for not making enough money. I’m a teacher.”

–Chase, 31 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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