19 Stupidly Simple (And Unromantic) Signs That You’ve Found Your Forever Person

Unsplash Abigail Keenan
Unsplash Abigail Keenan

1. There’s still tons of chemistry between you two, but instead of constantly feeling anxious over whether or not the chemistry will last, you’re now relaxed enough with each other to just appreciate what a nice feeling it is – because you just know in your gut that it’s not going anywhere.

2. A ‘soulmate’ is not a specific enough word to describe them. What’s more accurate is that they are, at all times: your best friend, your sounding board, your partner in crime, your therapist, your mentor, your mentee, your favorite comedian, your favorite person to vent to, and the only person you can fully and totally relax around.

3. They don’t make your heart race and your palms sweat.

4. Instead, any time you’re around them, your anxiety lessens, your mind relaxes, and you feel a total sense of contentment and peace.

5. They have a way of making you feel so loved just by doing the littlest things, like sneaking a note into your workbag or picking up your favorite dessert at the grocery store.

6. They can make you laugh by doing something silly, something that would make you roll your eyes if it was any other person in the world.

7. You don’t have to be ‘on’ around each other.

8. In fact, you feel just as close when you’re sitting in a room together doing your own thing and not talking as you do when you’re out for a nice, romantic, candlelit dinner.

9. You get excited for things that you normally don’t give a shit about, as long as it’s something that they’re excited for and that makes them happy.

10. They are always in the picture any time you imagine some future moment in your life, no matter how far off. And instead of this making you feel panicky, it just feels natural and perfectly normal.

11. When there’s silence between the two of you, it’s comfortable, companionable, and EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted.

12. Their opinion matters to you more than anyone else’s.

13. You always bring them up and tell stories about them to other people, because you just can’t help yourself.

14. You talk to each other during meals (and in general), instead of looking at your phones.

15. You don’t like having to make the selfless choice, but you’ll do it if it’s for the good of the two of you as a whole.

16. You feel completely confident that you have your own, separate, individual life outside of your relationship with them – that even though you two are always going to be a team, you still have a full identity outside of them.

17. You sleep ten times better when they’re with you, even if you’re lying on opposite sides of the bed because you both hate cuddling.

18. When they’re having a tough day (or week), you feel an odd sense of enjoyment from doing their small, menial tasks for them if it’ll make their lives a little easier for the moment.

19. You know they can’t get rid of your demons for you, but you know without a doubt they’ll be by your side every step of the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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