17 Unexpected Things That Are Strangely Romantic In Modern Dating


1. Having an entire dinner together where you don’t look at your phone even once.

2. And sitting down for that dinner at the kitchen table to look at each other and actually talk, instead of eating side by side on the couch while you watch Netflix.

3. Leaving them a handwritten note.

4. Or sending them a postcard when you’re on a trip.

5. Actually showing up to a date on time.

6. Instead of texting that you’re “five minutes away” and then texting that you’re “seriously just five minutes away” ten minutes after that.

7. Setting up actual plans. No “let’s just meet up later tonight.” No “text me if you go out.” But an actual, set plan in which you both agree to dedicate your whole night to one another.

8. Unintentionally being BFFs on Snapchat.

9. Not checking your phone if it buzzes while you’re having a conversation with them.

10. Calling someone up on the phone, just to say hi.

11. Or calling them up on the phone to ask them on an actual date, instead of texting them to hang out.

12. When they send you the perfect meme to cheer you up on a particularly bad day.

13. Or when they text you the perfect Bitmoji that they know will make you smile.

14. …And when they go out of their way to use their Bitmoji. Because they know you love it. Because you built it for them.

15. When you tag them in a funny photo on Instagram that you know will make them laugh.
16. Or a cute photo, as long as it’s the perfect balance between being sweet but not barf-worthy.

17. Reading a sweet text from them over and over and over, because every time you see it you can’t help but smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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