14 Newly Single Guys On The Thing They Miss Most About Having A Girlfriend


1. “She made me feel like I was actually growing up. And I really liked it.”

–Daniel, 24

2. “Having someone to cook with. She taught me how to cook and it was really nice to come home together after work and throw something together.”

–Marc, 27

3. “I was less of an idiot when I was with her. It’s not that she smothered me or nagged me, but I just had less of a desire to drink excessively or go out to the same bars over and over again when I was with her, because it felt so much better to wake up feeling good and have a whole day ahead of me where I got to spend it with a fun person, instead of laying on the couch dealing with a shit-awful hangover.”

–Lucas, 25

4. “Not having to explain to all my relatives why I’m single or why I haven’t settled down yet.”

–Terry, 29

5. “I miss being able to talk to her about stuff that was really worrying me at work. I have good friends, but it’s just harder to talk to them about serious stuff. She was always really good at giving me advice and providing a second opinion for things.”

–Carlos, 24

6. “We always got bagels and coffee on Saturday mornings and obviously I’m not gonna ask another dude to start doing that with me. But you get really comfortable with those little routines.”

–Edwin, 26

7. “Having someone who subtly taught you how to be an adult. Washing your bath mat, making sure there are extra towels when friends visit, having a medicine drawer – I picked up all these good habits from her that I was too stupid to think of myself, and I miss that a lot actually.”

–Richard, 24

8. “Her friends were awesome – some really great girls and guys. It’s just too weird to try to hang out with them now.”

–Aaron, 27

9. “Always having a go-to wedding date.”

–Atony, 28

10. “Having somebody to talk to.”

–Jeffrey, 29

11. “I miss always having someone to watch SNL with. I’ve been going out with my buddies a lot more again, but the club scene gets really old and really depressing really fast, and sometimes I just want to stay in on Saturday night and relax and not feel horrible the next day.”

–Steven, 25

12. “Always having that person to do stuff with you or for you that you don’t want to do with anyone else. Road trips, movies that I want to see, a ride to the airport, help with picking out a birthday present for my mom, etc.”

–Raymond, 24

13. “When you get used to sleeping next to someone every night, it really sucks to start sleeping alone again. It’s nice for the first few days and then it sucks.”

–Pat, 27

14. “A ton of stuff: having someone to vent to, someone to give you advice, someone to travel with, going out to eat together, grocery shopping, cooking together, bringing her to family stuff. There’s a lot that you miss that you don’t even think about until you’re doing it by yourself.”

–Dominic, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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