23 ‘Unmasculine’ Things That Women Actually Find Really Attractive In Men

Hey. In no way am I saying that any of these things are NOT masculine. I’m just trying to point out that society can make it feel like there are men’s roles and there are women’s roles, and the two cannot overlap in any way. And that’s stupid. So here’s some stereotypically ‘unmasculine’ stuff that women actually greatly appreciate about men.
The O.C.
The O.C.

1. When something makes a guy laugh so hard that he really, actually giggles.

2. Or when he gets so excited about something that he lets out some kind of unexpected high-pitched noise.

3. When he has incredibly neat, clean handwriting.

4. Or he can write in perfect, beautiful cursive.

5. When he gets really silly and playful around kids.

6. Or puppies.

7. When he puts a lot of effort into creating a thoughtful, homemade gift for you.

8. When he cooks and gets really into it.

9. Or if he’s one hell of a baker. No woman has ever been upset by a man who makes a good pie.

10. When he’s not embarrassed to get upset, or even cry, in front of you.

11. And when he’s not embarrassed to shed happy tears in front of you either – especially when the moment is so sweet and so honest that it almost kills you.

12. When he has a room that is clean and well-kept.

13. Bonus points if it’s actually decorated nicely and he has a real, grownup bed frame.

14. When he openly admits to being insecure about something.

15. When he’s well-groomed.

16. And he uses actual nail clippers to trim his fingernails and toenails because he’s not GROSS.

17. When he wears glasses. And not the cool, hip, black-framed hipster kind. We’re talking the wiry, purely functional ones.

18. Cardigans? Step right up.

19. When he has a really good singing voice.

20. Even if it’s falsetto. Because as JT taught us, falsetto can be sexy.

21. When he finally gives in and watches The Bachelor with you.

22. And then admits that it’s a super fascinating show.

23. When he greatly values the advice of the women in his life (you, his mom, his sisters, his friends, etc), because he understands that women are his equals and that respecting them, listening to them, and learning from them does not make him any less of a man. This one isn’t even close to being ‘unmasculine.’ I just put it in here because I wanted to. Thanks bye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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